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Why Choose a Boarding School?

Why NOT choose a boarding school? Students at Salem Academy discover that attending a boarding school is the beginning of possible. 

Living with your best friends, surrounded by caring faculty, taking advantage of fresh opportunities, learning something new about yourself every day, all while being loved and supported by family and friends at home… this is just the beginning.

Boarding school prepares students for college life in every way. 

Students have a measure of independence but are surrounded by a caring staff and huge group of friends—all of whom quickly become family.

Like universities, boarding schools are very diverse. 

Students live, work, and play with friends from other cities, states, and countries, with all kinds of backgrounds and life experiences. This means being introduced to new things, discovering common interests, and visiting really cool places!

At boarding school, students learn balance. 

Our graduates report that they arrive at college already knowing how to manage their academics and extracurricular activities—leaving plenty of time for fun! Knowing how to prioritize puts students miles ahead of their non-boarding school peers when they attend college.

The person you need is always around. 

Whether you want to grab a group of friends to watch a movie, ask a teacher a question, organize a study session, hit the tennis courts to practice your backhand, or laugh harder than you ever have, someone—many people—will be right there with you.

Everything is close at hand.

It’s easy to play a sport and star in the play—the Elberson Fine Arts Center is near the athletic facilities and both are a short walk from the dining hall and dorms.

While there’s diversity, there is also similarity.

All Salem students share the same goal—to continue to a college or university. At a boarding school, everyone—from teachers to students—has a long love of learning and a desire to find her best self. 

The academics are amazing.

Surrounded by teachers who care passionately and are experts in their subject areas, students are stretched and grow in ways that don’t often happen at a high school level. They find that challenge can be exhilarating.

Independence leads to discovery. 

Want to try a new sport? Pursue a fine art? Learn a new language? Apply for a dream internship? Visit another country? Do it. As it turns out, risk has a great reward.


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