Salem Academy Virtual Experience

Video Tours

  • Tour the New Salem Academy with Carol Killebrew

    The New Salem Academy

    Head of School, Carol Killebrew, offers a welcome and kicks-off a tour of the new Academy campus! We’ve moved back to our original location.

  • Tour the Athletics Facilities with Lorie Howard

    Athletics Facilities

    Tour the Saber athletic complex with director of athletics, Lorie Howard

  • Tour the Fine Arts Center with Ashley Pearson

    Fine Arts Center

    Take a peak at Salem’s extraordinary fine arts facilities, with Ashley Pearson, theatre teacher.

Bake your own cookies ahead of time with this great recipe, and watch our student panel to get an “insider view” of Salem Academy!

Virtual Greetings

  • academy-video-play-sara-kent.jpg

    Senior Speak-out

    Senior Sara Kent offers a welcome to prospective students and reflects on her four-years at Salem Academy

  • academy-video-play-salem-strong.jpg

    Saber Strong!

    With the help of our faculty and recent graduates, we created a short video to encourage our Sabers, both current and new!

  • academy-alumnae-panel-play.jpg

    Alumnae Success Panel

    Join our esteemed alumnae discuss success.

Class Offerings

Join our Salem Academy faculty as they teach YOU while social distancing.

Art: "Building Independence and Resourcefulness"

At Salem we firmly believe in building a student's ability to work creatively with any resource at hand. For our online class, we experiment with materials easily found in your existing space - making "potato prints" with the theme of "patterns in isolation."

Materials for this lesson:

  • Potatoes (or any vegetables or fruits that when cut in half create a solid surface)
  • Knife (paring knife works the best)
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Fabric (solid color pillow case, solid color t-shirt, canvas bag, use what you have)
  • Paint (acrylic paint, house paint, not permanent but you can use ketchup or mustard to see your design if you don't have paint)
  • Online Class: Women's History

    Moravian Women's History

    Learn about the women of Old Salem, the founding members of what is now Salem Academy!

  • Online Class: Conceptual Physics

    Conceptual Physics

    View a “real time” 9th grade class where Mr. Allen discusses Newton’s Laws of Physics

  • online English course

    Graphic Novels & Haiku

    Join English teacher Ms. Shellhamer as she explores the abstract analysis of Graphic Novels and Haiku.

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