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TAC Conference Swim Meet

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TAC Conference Swim Meet



Salem Academy attended their conference meet yesterday, February 4th at the Orange County Sports Complex.  Out of nine teams, Salem came in 4th.  Yay!  The coaches are so proud of these girls. 

In the 200 Free, Alexandra Maycock shaved even more time, 1.93 seconds and Stella McAuley took a whopping 7.56 seconds.  Go Stella!  In the 200 IM, Natalia Lindo shaved 3.82 seconds and Aida Bell shaved 8.41 seconds.  This was a great showing for these swimmers. 

In the dreaded 100 Fly, the Sabers showed big improvement with Jenae Edwards shaving 4.27, Nora Jilge shaving 8.04 seconds and Aida Bell shaving 3.81.  Wow!  In the 100 Free, Salem had four entries, Sophie DavisSofia KremidasAshley Hart and Stella McAuley.  Every one of them took off over a second and Sofia took almost 2 seconds off.  The 500 Free starred Alexandra Maycock taking off 15 more seconds and Grace Gould shaved almost 49 seconds.  Awesome!

In the 100 breast, Abigail Wucherer shaved 7.17 seconds, and Courtney Clawson and Anna-Brooke Hylton took off almost a second.  In the 100 Breast, Salem had two girls make their state cut, Sophie Davis and Gillianne Norris.  Congrats to them!  In addition to two state cuts, all of the breast strokers shaved time. Jenae Edwards shaved off 3 seconds, Stella McAuley shaved 1.97, Nora Jilge shaved 1.75 and Natalia Lindo shaved .79. 

The Sabers will be taking four girls with state cuts to the NCISAA State Championship meet on February 15th at the Greensboro Aquatics Center. This includes Kelly DevanFadzai MushayamundaGillianne Norris and Sophie Davis.  The coaches and team are very excited!  Go Salem!


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