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Fencing at Salem Academy



Fencing at Salem Academy


Last weekend saw the Lady Sabers hosting the North Carolina High School Fencing League’s Mountain Division’s third meet of the season at Bryant Hall Gym. Although fencing started at 10:00 AM, preparations got underway to host the event at 8:00 PM the night before. Special thanks go out to Neil Linnell, father of Sophomore Abbey Linnell, and Adrian Lawrence who organized fencing parents to help prepare for the meet. All 6 Pistes (fencing strips) were laid out in record time along with tables, and chairs. It took a mere 45 minutes to finish what took two hours the last time. Thank you Neil. Those who deserve recognition for helping are Jennifer Linnell, Corinne Everhart, Karl Schulte, Adrian Lawrence and Karl Kuyler, and Natasha Peting.

With the vast majority of seniors and juniors away from the campus, it was up to the youngest fencers to take on the division. Representing Salem’s A Squad (Varsity) for the day were Abbey LinnellBreanna SorrellsGrace Wilson, Katie Alexander (fencing for the first time this year after a bad injury) and Sidnee Everhart. With younger fencers facing the most experienced fencers in the league, the Varsity squad placed just outside the top 3, finishing in 4th place for the day.  All A fencers had wins for the day and continue to show steady improvement. Standout for the day was Sidnee Everhart who continues her winning average in the plus column.

Salem was able to field 1½ B teams, with Catherine DavilaFavor IdikaJulia Ellis andRiley Cullen on the all Salem B Team and Hannah Remmel and Praise Idika on a hybrid B with cross town R.J. Reynolds fencers Alex Rodriguez and Jahaad Jennings. JV standout for the day was Praise Idika who was fencing her first competition and produced two victories in her first appearance. Other first time appearances were Julia Ellis and Favor Idika who also posted wins. In fact, all B team fencers posted wins for the day. Outstanding!

Even though Salem had young teams on the strip this weekend and didn’t finish as high in the standings as they would have liked, numerical results don’t always tell the full story. Having fenced a relatively short time against more seasoned fencers, the Sabers B fencers produced results much better than expected and all fencers, A and B, exhibited clear understanding of the basic, intermediate and advanced skills, and were not afraid to try and put them to use. The only thing needed with these young fencers is simply time on the Piste. Let’s Fence!

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