Classroom Setup and Course Delivery

For Fall 2021, Salem classrooms and other campus spaces will operate with reduced physical distancing requirements and higher occupancy limits than previously available during the pandemic.  Room-specific plans will be displayed for each classroom and instructional space to show capacity restrictions and space configurations that promote physical distancing to the extent possible while allowing for a traditional in-person learning experience. 

Students and faculty must follow the applicable Face Coverings requirements. In science labs where equipment is shared and spacing configurations are limited, Salem will provide students and faculty with face shields to be worn in addition to their face coverings. 

Education buildings will be equipped with sanitation stations, providing supplies for faculty and students to wipe down classroom surfaces and shared equipment before and after use.  

Academy instruction will be provided in-person for Fall 2021. When students or faculty are not able to attend class in person due to illness, quarantine, or isolation orders, their instructors will provide instructions on how to access course content, or will make alternate assignments.  In this situation, students and faculty should report COVID-19 symptoms, exposure, and/or illness as directed by the COVID-19 Reporting process so that appropriate plans can be made. 

Policy on Recording Classes and Intellectual Property

Materials created solely for the purpose of satisfying a course requirement are owned by Salem Academy. Such materials may not be reproduced or distributed without written consent of the Academy. In any case, no recorded class materials may be used in a manner that violates the Honor Code’s provision of respect for faculty, staff, other students, and members of the administration.