Campus Events

Events at Salem Academy and College this spring will be strictly limited in keeping with local, state, and federal guidelines, as well as additional Salem Academy and College standards, and may change at any time.  This applies to all events on campus, regardless of the size of the venue.

Many Salem campus events will be reinvented as virtual events, allowing Salem and external communities to attend remotely. Some events may be live, live-streamed, and/or prerecorded with limited in-person audiences.  Other events may be modified, postponed, or even canceled with additional details to follow.  In-person events, productions, audiences, and participants will be subject to the following guidelines until further notice.


Salem recognizes the social and relational importance of the Salem community being able to gather with friends and colleagues for shared experiences, while also balancing the imperative that Salem community members must comply with new health and safety protocols in order for in-person events to be successful and to maintain health and wellness during the pandemic.  If in-person attendance is not important or critical for the success of a particular event, then virtual, streamed or prerecorded events will be encouraged or may be required.

  • For permitted Academy events, in-person attendance will only be allowed for Academy day students who are participating in in-person learning and Academy faculty and staff who are working on campus.   External guests will not be allowed into events at this time.
  • Except as authorized by the President’s Cabinet, events hosted by external individuals, businesses and organizations will not be allowed until further notice.  
  • A limited number of external presenters or performers may be allowed as a part of the academic or institutional experience.
  • Outdoor events will be encouraged when possible.
  • Events with fewer people or smaller groups will be encouraged, with attendance limits based on capacity restrictions and North Carolina executive orders as applicable.
  • Virtual options may be available for many in-person events, particularly for large-scale institutional events as well as some artistic performances and lectures.
  • Compliance with new facility capacity restrictions, physical distancing guidelines (to maintain 6 feet of separation), and mask usage requirements will be mandatory for all events.
  • An enhanced hygiene environment with disinfectant products and hand sanitizer will be implemented for all events.
  • Venues will be cleaned thoroughly before and after each event.
  • Seating will be marked in each venue, with capacity determined by room size and physical distancing standards.  Some rooms may be rearranged and furniture removed.
  • Waiting lines will be separated and physically distanced through lobbies, with marked entrances and exits in the venues.
  • Seating will be conducted in an orderly manner to reduce direct contact with other people.  Leaving while an event is in progress where physical distancing cannot be maintained is discouraged absent emergencies; and re-entering the venue may not be allowed unless there are available marked spaces behind the audience.
  • Limits will be established for the number of people on stage, following physical distancing guidelines. Additional limits or restrictions may apply for different types of performances.
  • To reduce viral spread associated with contact, events will be paperless without paper programs, agendas, or other hard-copy materials.
  • Aramark will be responsible for providing any permitted food and beverage services.  Type of services will be limited and possibly restricted.  Self-service and buffets will be replaced by pre-packaged box meals, individually packaged snacks and beverages, or staff-attended beverage stations. Alcohol may be restricted.           

Event organizers will receive further instructions regarding event organization and implementation expectations under this policy.  This policy is subject to change at any time and without notice as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.  Please review this site for the most current version of the Spring 2021 Policy for In-Person Campus Events.  For additional information, please contact the Director of Events.