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Week of April 22, 2016

Today is Founder’s Day at Salem Academy, and there will be a lot of talk during this 244th celebration about our very first teacher, Sister Elisabeth Oesterlein. It’s important for us to remember our roots, because it’s important to remember how and why we got to where we are.

Week of April 15, 2016

On Tuesday, the student body received the wonderful news that our next Dean of Students will be Ms. Lauren Rogers. With Miss T. retiring at the end of this school year, we are so blessed to have someone with Ms. Rogers experience and talent to step-in and grab the reins. Congratulations Ms. Rogers!  

Week of April 8, 2016

There was a time, not long ago, when Susan and I would enjoy spending a portion of our evenings watching the news. That’s getting harder and harder to do these days.

Week of March 28, 2016

I mentioned in the newsletter many times over the years that I approach the college acceptance season with a certain amount of angst. After all, I think our girls are beyond wonderful, and any institution lucky enough to get one or more of them should count their blessings! Fortunately, the schools listed below agree with me.

Week of March 7, 2016

Last week, I wrote about a talk that I heard by the late Dr. Rush Kidder concerning the five values that make up an ethical person: honesty, responsibility, respect, fairness, and compassion.  I mentioned that I believe our students, for the most part, do a great job of reflecting these values, and this is particularly true when they’re choosing on the “right versus wrong” continuum.  The biggest challenge, therefore, is not helping them choose between right and wrong…they get that.  Rather, it’s helping them choose between “right and right.”  

Week of February 29, 2016

I love the diversity of our student body!  We have girls from all over the state, all over the country, all over the world.  Indeed, one of our great strengths is that we differ on all sorts of things.  There are religious differences, political differences, cultural differences, and a whole host of other topics where we see things through varying lenses.  Of course, these really are strengths when we see these differences for what they are; learning opportunities!  And yet, even within all this diversity, there’s one area upon which we already agree – what it means to be an ethical person.

Week of February 22, 2016

I saw a commercial earlier this week for the 2016 Masters Golf Tournament coming up in April.  I enjoy watching that tournament every year, but I must say that I don’t find it nearly as compelling as I did when Tiger Woods was the best player in the world.  Don’t get me wrong, I like watching these other guys play, but there was nothing like watching Tiger when he was in the zone.  In fact, the three athletes I use to enjoy watching more than any others were Pete Rose, Tiger Woods and Michael Vick.  I sure know how to pick ‘em, huh?!

Week of February 15, 2016

February is Black History Month, and our Student Council has been making presentations during assembly, delivering quotes by famous African Americans, and offering an opportunity for students to post inspirational thoughts on a tapestry outside the History Department.  That tapestry reminded me of something President Obama said about Black History Month last year. 

Week of February 8, 2016

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”  ~ G.K.