Weekly Newsletter

Week of December 1, 2022

Upcoming Events

Senior Vespers 2022

Senior Vespers student art 2022

Artwork by Emma Green A'23

The Salem Academy's Senior Vespers will be on Sunday, December 4, at 5 p.m. in Home Moravian Church. Senior Vespers is an annual tradition that includes a Moravian Lovefeast and Candle Service carried out by the senior class, complete with music, fellowship, and candle lighting.

  • All students are required to attend and family and friends are invited as well!
  • We will continue the celebrations with a dinner in Bryant Hall immediately after.

 We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating the holiday season together!

Assessment Schedule

Fall classes will end on Monday, 12/12, and Academy assessments will take place between Tuesday, 12/13, and Thursday, 12/15.

Please view the assessment schedule, which also includes the final assignment/review session dates. If you have any questions, please contact the respective faculty member.

Holiday Party/Break Departure

All students are required to be on campus through Thursday, 12/15.

  • We will have an all-school (students and staff) holiday luncheon and party from 11:30 am until 2:00 pm.
  • Day students must be picked up between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. that day.
  • Babcock will close for all boarding students at 7 p.m. that night and transportation to the Greensboro airport is provided between 3 and 7 p.m.
  • Transportation to the Winston-Salem bus station or Amtrak station can also be provided if needed.

 We look forward to a strong finish to our fall semester and to the remainder of 2022!

2022 Cherokee Commemoration

Elizabeth Wheeler A '24 with President McGee, Anna Smith, and Chief Hoskin next to Cherokee Commemorative Plaque

Elizabeth Wheeler A '24 with Anna Smith, Chief Hoskin, and President McGee, next to Cherokee Commemorative Plaque

By Michelle Hopkins Lawrence, Salem Academy History Teacher and Co-chair of the Anna Maria Samuel Project: Race, Remembrance, and Reconciliation at Salem Academy and College

On October 22, more than 30 descendants of Cherokee Moravian students, who attended Salem in the 19th century, came to campus for a celebration to commemorate their ancestors. This remarkable day was made possible by Anna McCoy Smith C’98 who has spent years researching the ties between the Cherokee Nation and the Moravian Church.

Go deeper: Read further about the Cherokee Commemoration event and discover the historic connections between Salem and the Cherokee Nation.

Athletic Updates

Academy Swim Updates

Salem Academy Swimmer


Going to State Competition!

Congratulations to Lucy Kate Barnett A ’25 & Lola Larsen A ’25 for qualifying for the state swim meet with their times during the 100m freestyle event at the 11/15 swim meet!

2022 - 2023 Winter Athletic Schedule and Roster

'22-'23 Salem Academy Swim Team


View the 2022-2023 Academy Winter Athletic Schedule.  Any competition updates will be posted in this document.   Thank you for your support and Go Sabers!

Upcoming Events

  • December 6: Academy Swim Meet at 5:30 p.m., Salem Academy & College Pool
  • December 10: Academy Fencing Meet at 9 a.m., Greensboro Fencing Academy

Please Note: All swim meets will be live-streamed.  Due to limited capacity in the pool area, spectators will not be allowed at swim meets.

Swim Season Volunteers

The Academy Swim Program is still looking for parent and/or student volunteers to be timers during swim meets. It is a great way to watch the meet and support Salem athletes!

Timer Information:

  • The meet timers are located in a splash zone area on the pool deck, so timers will get wet!
  • Volunteer timers must commit to staying for the entire swim meet.
  • View the schedule for Academy swim meets.

If you are interested in being a timer, please contact JJ Antoine and/or Felecia Penn.

Student Life

Salem Academy Debate

Photo of Academy Debate at Apex November 12, 2022

Academy Debaters: Clara Bryant-Prosterman A '25, Payton Gold A '24, Kate Jarrett A '25, Milo Archambault A '24, Zhenya Kunytsyna A '24, Cailin Schaub A '25, Audrey Bluethmann A '26, Lovie Valdivia-Tucker A '26, Paige Milligan A '24, Annika Lilja A '25, Destiny Hale A '23, and Azaio Udoh A '25.

Salem Academy Debate traveled to Apex on November 12 to participate in the second Coolidge League Debate tournament of the year. Six Academy teams participated in the novice and varsity divisions.

Novice Debaters Third place Nov 12, 2022

Third place novice debate team: Zhenya Kunytsyna A ‘24 and Milo Archambault A ‘24.

Special recognition goes to the novice team of Milo Archambault A '24 and Zhenya Kunytsyna A '24 who won third place in their first debate.

Saber Adventures

Salem Academy Student Newsletter


Support Quill Pen, Salem Academy’s Yearbook!

Salem Academy Students - 250th Walk


Salem Academy’s yearbook, Quill Pen, is made by students, for students every year.

  • Students do not need to pay an additional cost to acquire a copy of the yearbook; a copy is given to them by the Academy at the end of each academic year.
  • This makes the support Quill Pen receives from personal and business ads important!

To view more information about Quill Pen advertisements and/or learn how to purchase ads for this year’s yearbook, review the Quill Penn, Advertisement Flier.

College Counseling

Financial Aid

  • Parents of Seniors! Now is the time to complete the FAFSA. Many schools also require the CSS Profile in addition to the FAFSA. The CSS Profile can be found in your student’s College Board Account. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Spong.


View a running list of scholarships that have been shared with Salem Academy. Please refer to this list when searching for applications.

  • Scholarship information is updated on the scholarship list as it is received.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to email Dr. Spong.

Parents' Corner

Parent Association Board Contacts

Have questions about parent/family opportunities? Want to get more involved?

Our Parent Association Board is here for you and will communicate throughout the upcoming months with ways families can participate, connect, and further support our Academy community.

Here is the list of board members and their contact info:

Thank you to all our family members for your participation in our community!

Academy Information Board

Salem Academy Gear

Salem Academy Gear

  • Interested in a Salem Academy Mom or Dad T-shirt? How about a soft and comfortable sweatshirt in your team color? Go Gold!! Go Purple! View more information about Salem Academy Gear.

Student Calendar for 2022–2023

  • View the Major Dates Calendar for 20222023. Keep in mind that this is a living document (which will be available on our website as well) and will be updated as needed.

School Contact Information

  • Please use this directory to connect to school faculty and staff about specific questions.
  • Your most informed contact person is your student’s advisor. Advisors have a general overview of their student advisees’ concerns and can guide parents in the right direction for information.

Latest News

Salem Academy and College to Host Second Health Leadership Forum

Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Keynote Address and Panel Discussions to Highlight the Work of Women Health Leaders Who Are Widely Recognized Experts and Innovators.

Cherokee Commemoration

Thursday, November 17, 2022
On October 22, more than 30 descendants of Cherokee Moravian students, who attended Salem in the 19th century, came to campus for a celebration to commemorate their ancestors.

Today We Honor Those Who Served

Friday, November 11, 2022
To our Salem community members and loved ones who have selflessly served in our armed forces, we thank you and appreciate your sacrifice.