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Week of March 10, 2019

From the Head of School

“The kiss of death on anyone’s personal life is that they don’t know how to get along with people.” (Lee Iacocca)

Last Saturday’s Winston-Salem Journal included an article titled “The importance of Lent for Christians,” stating “Christians are expected to follow Christ’s example for the period with self-evaluation, repentance, and some fasting.” I am a practicing Roman Catholic, so Lent has always been a part of my spiritual life. When I was younger, I would pick something to give up - usually soft drinks, dessert, or some food-related item. This test was part of the self-evaluation: Could I keep a commitment to doing without something that I really enjoyed? My human-ness always gave me a 50-50 chance and I was more successful some years than others.

For the last eight years, I have redirected my Lenten observance to do for instead of to do without. Writing in a gratitude journal, setting aside time for prayer, and writing actual letters to people (this was tough - a letter a day is not easy!) are some practices I embraced, but after the Lenten season ended, I didn’t really give the attention to those intentions that I should have.

I was looking at LinkedIn and noticed a posting titled “Things I Have Learned Along the Way,” and it began with the above quotation. The article continues by outlining the three different types of people in our lives: Drainers, Neutral, and Replenishers. (It isn’t hard to define what each category means, and you can probably assign your community into those three even more easily.) It was the final paragraph that made me stop:

If I want more replenishing relationships in my life, I need to be a replenisher… I want to be the person, that when I call and the person on the other end sees my name, they want to talk to me because they know that I am going to say something that will replenish their life.

This is what I am going to try to focus on during Lent - to be a replenisher and to make every effort to encourage, compliment, and lift someone up. The students at Salem Academy are my replenishers, and I will definitely take more notice of how they energize me so that I can return the favor.

Far may our song ring clear!
Carol Killebrew


Grades and Comments Posted to Parent Portal

Jan Term grades and comments and third quarter interim reports are available in the Parent Portal.  Each student has grades and comments from Jan Term; your daughter will have an interim report if her third quarter average is a C- or below or if a teacher has other information to share.


Sisters Go to States!

The Sisters of the Motherboard had an exciting conclusion to their season. Their robot, affectionately name Crunchy, performed the best he had in the season at the competition last Saturday (3/2)!


The Sisters of the Motherboard won the Motivate Award that reflects the team spirit and that way all team members contribute to the robot and the robotics program. We are proud of the way the team members handle challenges in the heat of competition and are still able to communicate and problem-solve in a positive manner. We are glad that the judges saw what we see every day!

In addition to the Motivate Award, the Sisters of the Motherboard also placed 2nd place for their Promote Award video and 3rd place for their Compass Award video, which recognized the amazing leadership and contributions of Team Mentor Kris Sorrells. Congratulations to all for an awesome season! Now the robotics team begins to focus on planning summer outreach programs!


2019-2020 Registration Is Here

Returning students will begin selecting courses for the 2019-2020 school year between now and Spring Break.  Students who have completed the re-enrollment process will sign up for an individual appointment via Google Doc.  Rising seniors will meet with Sara Spong, Director of College Counseling, rising juniors will meet with Betsy Boyd, Director of Studies, and rising sophomores will meet with Kara Weimer, Registrar.  Please review the curriculum guide, linked here, and discuss course options with your daughter before her registration meeting, and reach out to Betsy Boyd at 336.917.5506 or betsy.boyd@salem.edu with questions.

Finding Your Best-Fit Colleges

On Thursday, March 14, Princeton Review Editor-in-Chief Rob Franek will be on Salem Academy’s campus sharing the presentation “Finding Your Best-Fit Colleges.” While the focus of his program will be on the application process, he will offer things to consider before making that final decision.  The program begins at 7:00 and lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. This event is open to the public, but reservations for this event are requested. To reserve a seat for the presentation, please click here.

Body Image Counseling Program- March 11th

From Ms. Johnson, School Counselor:

On Monday, March 11th, the Counseling Department will host an evening program on Body Image and Body Positivity. Local musician, youth leader and body positivity advocate Tori Elliott will be our guest speaker. Ms. Elliott has used her music as a vehicle for promoting body positivity and confidence in young women. As a group, we will listen to one of her recent musical releases, Body Body, and have a discussion with Ms. Elliott about her journey with body positivity and self-esteem. Students are encouraged to attend and take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Date: March 11th @ 6:30 p.m. in the Rec. Room

Athletic Updates

Fencing Recap

Saturday, February 23, two senior Sabers saw the finish of their high school fencing career and one Saber freshman ended her first year with promising results. With injuries and other demands, Salem only took three fencers to the NCHSFL State Championships this year. Representing Salem were MacKenzie Wiles, Catherine Davila, and Mira Fitch.

Mackenzie faced as strong fencer and succumbed to her opponent in a very close bout 11 - 15, a tough loss, but well fenced. Catherine came to the strip with determination on her mind and made it to the second round. The standout for the day was freshman Mira Fitch. Her 8th place seeding drew a bye in the first round, taking her directly into the second round. Mira made her presence known before falling to her cross-town rival. Catherine ended the day with a 15th place finish and  Mackenzie ended with a 20th place. All bouts were fought hard and with the spirit everyone has come to expect from the Salem women. 

Spring Sports
The soccer and track teams will kick off their seasons this coming week! Please make sure to visit the website for current schedules and come out and support your Sabers!

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