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Week of January 27, 2019

From the Head of the School

“I hear people asking ‘How do I get started, how do I do this?’ You just start. It won’t be perfect. It’ll be messy and it’ll be hard, but you’re on your way.” (Ava Duvernay, film director and screenwriter)

I just received a great book from The National Coalition of Girls’ Schools: The Female Lead: Women Who Shape Our World by Edwina Dunn. The book profiles 60 women from all walks of life, selected because of personal, professional, and humanitarian endeavors and successes. The inside cover ends with a statement: “For girls, it can be hard to identify role models in our society. This book will help and inspire women everywhere to realize their hopes and ambitions.”

I love the content of this book! I love reading about the various career paths, the influences of girls’ school education, the perseverance - every single profile has some tidbit that can be used to inspire any person, and it is nice to see so much information contained in one book. And of course, I love the quotations, strong messages similar to the one that I used to open this week’s post.

But I still have trouble with the second-to-last sentence on the inside cover: “For girls, it can be hard to identify role models in our society.” I spent a couple of days wondering if this is really true for Salem Academy girls, and I simply do not agree that the statement applies to them. Here’s how I see it: From their classroom instructors to the history-making women who are studied in academic classes; from the various speakers who have visited campus to the mentors during Jan Term; from the graduates who return during holidays to the women who have supported the opportunity for these girls to have a stellar education… Salem Academy girls have role models everywhere they look!  

I still think that this is a great book, and I will have it on display in my office for students to flip through when they stop in. Yet I know with confidence that these Salem Academy students could easily grace the pages of the next edition of the book, and I know this because they are already shaping the world.

Far may our song ring clear!

Carol Killebrew


Mark your calendar for Jan Term Sharing Day!

Jan Term Sharing Day will be held in Bryant Hall on Wednesday, February 6 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm.  Students will showcase their Jan Term experiences at this event, and we hope that you can join us. The complete schedule for Sharing Day is included here.

Jan Term Field Trip - North Carolina College Tour

On January 23, students spent the day exploring college life at Duke University.  Below are photo recaps of their time on campus.

2019 Jan Term Team Building Class

There were 12 Salem Academy Sabers that participated in the 2019 Team Building Class. This was a course offered to help students overcome obstacles in everyday life by using creative and effective problem-solving techniques.  This class conquered both inside and outside activities, using resources in the Salem community as well as a local ropes course and climbing wall. With a variety of challenges posed, students faced individual as well as group tasks.  Some of the concepts stressed were: self-confidence, goal setting, communication, leadership, following instruction, team building, and creativity. The final task was building a boat out of cardboard and duct tape and float a team member in the pool. On the last day, boats were built and set sail in the Salem Academy pool. All boats floated successfully.  

Athletics Recap


On January 17th, Salem Academy hosted six teams, coming in 5th in the swim meet.  The underclass girls carried the Sabers through working hard and still making improvements.

Improvements on the night included:

  • 200 Medley Relay (leadoff backstroke):  Mandy Peake -33.07 and Lizzie O’Blackburn -1.86.
  • 200 IM featured Emma Grimstead improving her time by 6.76 seconds and making a state cut.  Congrats Emma!
  • 50 Free: Grace Gould -0.12, Caitlin Kinnamon -0.26, Althea Bennett -2.39, Helen Watson -1.55, Lizzie O’Blackburn -0.89.  Good work ladies.
  • 100 Free: Grace Gould -0.06, Caitlin Kinnamon -1.79, Althea Bennett -4.51, Mandy Peake -6.51.
  • 200 Free Relay- Grace Gould took off 0.05 continuing to shave time on that forever challenging 50 Free leadoff.
  • 100 Breaststroke: Helen Watson -4.20.
  • 400 Free Relay: Caitlin Kinnamon shaved -0.67.

Come out to cheer on the team at their conference meet at Winston Salem State on Thursday, January 31 at 6:00 pm.  Go Salem!



While most of the veteran fencers were away on Jan Term, it was left to the younger fencers to represent the Sabers for the first competition of the new year on January 12th. While there were two experienced fencers, Favor Idika and Praise Idika, who both performed excellently, the rest of the day was carried by first-year fencers Mira Fitch, Grace Jeon, and Margot Burke.

Individual results haven’t been published as of Friday, but team results are known. Salem finished the day in fine standing, taking 2nd place for the Team Competition.

For the year so far, Salem and their crosstown rival, RJ Reynolds, have battled it out for first place. In all three competitions, it came down to the final bout ending in one first-place and two second-place finishes for the Sabers. At least two of the bouts were decided by one point. All fencers finished the day with individual wins and most ended in the plus column.

The team competed Saturday at the Mountain Division Qualifiers/Individual Championships and results from that meet will be available during the week.


Upcoming Student Activities and Events

Yoga at Salem in February

Yoga sessions will be offered to all Salem Academy students during the month of February.  The sessions will be every Saturday morning at 11:00 am and it is free for students to attend.  Yoga will be held in the Academy Rec Room and all the sessions will be led by instructors from PAZ Studios, a local Winston-Salem wellness/yoga studio. 

Celebrate Athletics and Achievements with Salem!

The inaugural Salem Academy and College Athletic Hall of Fame is coming soon.  On February 9, the Department of Athletics will induct six members to the Hall of Fame, marking history at Salem.  We invite you to participate in multiple ways. Please consider attending this fun event. Purchase tickets at the link below.


Sponsorship opportunities are available for individuals or for small businesses and for our corporate partners (present and future).  We welcome you to inquire at (336) 917-5552 or to explore Sponsorship options on the registration link above, or at the information link here:


We look forward to celebrating Laura Sides Watson A’94 C’99, Sarah “Sally” Colhoun Engram A’75, former parent Chuck Blixt (parent of Allison A’96 and Katie A’02)!  They will be inducted along with Dianne Dailey C’71, Jane Barkman Brown C’74, and former College faculty Robert E. Esleeck.  Please consider joining us at this event. The deadline for ticket purchase or for sponsorship commitment is February 3, 2019.

Ticket Link:   www.salem.edu/ahof


Alumnae Travel to France

Join us for eleven unforgettable days exploring the legendary countryside of France, including the opportunity to experience the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion on the beaches of Normandy. From quaint seaside towns to stunning royal estates to the rolling vine-covered hills of Bordeaux, this journey encompasses the history, culture, and cuisine that has enshrined France’s legacy worldwide.

2019 Summer STEAM and Robotics/Coding Camps for Girls

Weather Policy

Since we have both Day and Boarding students, we operate a bit differently from other schools in the area. We will always try to remain on a regular schedule unless the outside conditions are such that it is not feasible to have even an abbreviated class day.  However, if traveling conditions are not safe for you or your daughter, please do not risk coming to school. Students will not be penalized for absences from class and other school activities that result from their families determining it is unsafe to travel to the Academy during inclement weather. If weather conditions worsen during a school day and travel home is not recommended, day students may stay overnight in the residence hall.

Our methods of  communication for a delayed start or a closing will include

  • A pop-up on the webpage

  • An email to  all students and parents

  • A text (for parents and students registered to receive Academy text messages)

  • A notice on our local television station WXII

  • A voice recording by calling the tag room number (336-721-2775)

We will do our best to give notice of any schedule change as early as possible.

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