Due to winter weather, Salem Academy will open at 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. See our Winter Storm Update page for details.

Week of January 13, 2019

From the Head of School

“Nobody cares what we teach…In fact, what we teach is irrelevant. It’s what our students learn after their time with us that matters.” (Rick Wormeli, Fair Isn’t Always Equal, (8))

I am experiencing my first Jan Term, and every day has been wonderful! I have watched students excitedly enter classrooms; I have overheard animated conversations on the various topics that are being covered in these mini-courses; and I have engaged with juniors and seniors in conversations about their local internships. I have also listened to teachers as they have discussed the active learning that is going on in their classrooms (dare I say “bragged” about the successes in  their non-traditional course) and how they themselves are learning more about the girls who are in front of them.

Jan Term is definitely a win-win in my book.

So, what do we do with this after January is over? How do we keep the learning “fresh” in the coming months, especially when we return to designed curricula (think AP) and already created syllabi? This is the conversation in which we all must be participants - students, teachers, administration, and at some level, each student’s family.

Many years ago, I spearheaded a Service Learning initiative at a former school. In my training for this role, my biggest takeaway was this: “Students don’t learn by doing service; instead, they learn by doing service and then writing/talking/reflecting about the experience.”

Our task, then, is not to abandon the lesson after the class is over but, instead, to incorporate the learned knowledge into a reflection, a conversation, or (better yet) an action. That is what really matters.

Far may our song ring clear!

Carol Killebrew


Salem Academy and College’s Day of Service

Salem Academy is continuing its tradition of serving others in our community.  However, this year’s Day of Service will be in partnership with Salem College.  There will be a Academy & College service day kickoff in the morning before leaving campus for the various volunteering sites. Academy students will be volunteering with SECU Family House, Sunnyside Ministries, and Second Harvest Food Bank.  At Second Harvest and Sunnyside, students will be sorting food items or assisting with clothes organization. While at SECU Family House, making snacks for residents and/or helping with household chores are some of the service activities students will be doing.

During the afternoon, Both the Academy and College students will gather for lunch to discuss volunteer experiences.   After lunch, Academy students will work with the Salem College students in completing a volunteer project on campus.

Before participating in the service activities, students will need to submit a waiver form to the school, which can be found by clicking here.  Please submit all forms to the attention of Felecia Penn, Director of Student Activities.  All completed waivers must be turned into the school by Thursday, January 17.  On the day of service, students will need arrive at Bryant Hall on Friday, January 18 by 8:00 am to check in with their faculty trip chaperone.  The dismissal time for the day is scheduled to be at 3:00 pm.


January Term Evening Programming

All students (boarding and day) are welcome to participate in our Jan Term Evening programs, and once a week during Jan Term, we have a required activity for our boarding students. We look forward to welcoming the new year with relaxing and rejuvenating activities.

Athletics Hall of Fame

Athletics Hall of Fame announcement, click to download printable PDF

Register at salemspirits.com/HallofFame or call 336-917-5552.



Jan Term 2020 Trip Discount for Early Registration

Schonbrunn Palace, one of the destinations of January 2020 tripRegister before February 15, 2019 to receive $200 off the Jan Term 2020 Trip to Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Follow the directions on http://www.eftours.com/2030893YA to see Schonbrunn Palace, pictured above, in real life!

Upcoming Student Activities and Events

Upcoming Activities

Inclement Weather Policy

Since we have both Day and Boarding students, we operate a bit differently from other schools in the area. We will always try to remain on a regular schedule unless the outside conditions are such that it is not feasible to have even an abbreviated class day.  However, if traveling conditions are not safe for you or your daughter, please do not risk coming to school. Students will not be penalized for absences from class and other school activities that result from their families determining it is unsafe to travel to the Academy during inclement weather. If weather conditions worsen during a school day and travel home is not recommended, day students may stay overnight  in the residence hall.

Our methods of  communication for a delayed start or a closing will include

  • A pop-up on the webpage
  • An email to  all students and parents
  • A text (for parents and students registered to receive Academy text messages)
  • A notice on our local television station WXII
  • A voice recording by calling the tag room number (336-721-2775)

We will do our best to give notice of any schedule change as early as possible.


Athletics - This Week's Events

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Athletics - Last Week's Results

Finished, 4th (Home)

Salem Academy had its’ first swim meet of 2019 beating out Calvary Day for 4th place.  It was a tough meet after one month off and only having nine swimmers but the Sabers prevailed. 

Big improvements are still happening including:

Lizzie O’ Blackburn shaving 26.25 off of her leadoff leg of backstroke in the 200 Medley Relay.  Wow! 

Caitlin Kinnamon shaved 11.75 in her 200 Free and made a state cut.  Congrats Caitlin! 

In the 50 Free, Althea Bennett shaved 0.48, Mandy Peak 3.51, and Jessie Gentles swam her first event of the season with only two practices under her belt. 

In the 100 Free, Michaela Murphy shaved 5.34, Lizzie O’Blackburn 0.61 and Mandy Peake 1.15 and Jessie Gentles swam a 1:42.48 in her debut meet. 

In the 500 Free, Caitlin Kinnamon lost her cap and finished her swim with a great time of 6:53.53.  Great job, Caitlin. 

In the 100 Backstroke, Lizzie O’Blackburn shaved 18.18.  Wow! 

Helen Watson swam her first 100 Breast.  Yeah! 

In the 400 Free Relay, Caitlin Kinnamon shaved 6.00 seconds off of her lead off 100. 

The coaches tip their hat to Lizzie O’Blackburn for improving her times and Caitlin Kinnamon for hanging tough in the 500 and making a state cut. 

Come out and help cheer on your Sabers at their conference meet at Winston Salem State University on January 31 at 6:00 pm.  Go Salem! 

Finished, 2nd (Away)

While most of the veteran fencers were away on Jan Term, it was left to the younger fencers to represent the Sabers for the first competition of the new year on January 12th. While there were two experienced fencers, Favor Idika and Praise Idika, who both performed excellently, the rest of the day was carried by first-year fencers Mira Fitch, Layke Jones, and Margot Burke.

Individual results haven’t been published as of Friday, but team results are known. Salem finished the day in fine standing, taking 2nd place for the Team Competition.

For the year so far, Salem and their crosstown rival, RJ Reynolds, have battled it out for first place. In all three competitions, it came down to the final bout ending in one first-place and two second-place finishes for the Sabers. At least two of the bouts were decided by one point. All fencers finished the day with individual wins and most ended in the plus column.


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