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Week of August 26, 2018

From the Head of School

The best learning happens when we push ourselves to the very edge of places.

 (Jenny Rao, Head of School at Emma Willard)

There is a lot of buzz about Growth Mindset in the educational world. For those of you who may not quite have a handle on it, Growth Mindset (as opposed to Fixed Mindset) affirms that through hard work, dedication, failure, and the drive to keep at it, a person can achieve almost anything. A shorter definition is that a person isn’t born with a certain level of ability; ability can be developed.  

Salem Academy embraces Growth Mindset. We like to make each and every one of us (students and adults alike) a little uncomfortable in our learning and in our practices, not to set anyone up for failure but to open an avenue towards depth and expertise. Too often we get caught up in measuring the journey more than the destination, and we need to have all levels of experiences in order to improve and find success. If you are interested in a great book on this topic, I suggest Carol Dweck’s Mindset: Changing the Way You Think to Fulfil Your Potential (2017).

I am excited to introduce 5 new members of the Salem Academy community who will work with your daughters to help them uncover their talents and abilities:

Jo Ann Caligiuri – Learning Specialist

Emily Demarest ’12 – Admissions Assistant

Mary Margaret Johnson - Counselor

Spence Brooks O’Neill ’97 – English

Sonja Sepulveda – Academy Chorus

Anna Vance – Mathematics

In addition, Computer Science instructor Kara Weimer has also added the role of Registrar (Growth Mindset in action!) to her responsibilities.

With these new additions and with the excellent returning faculty and staff, there is no doubt that we are off to a great start for what promises to be an outstanding year!

Far may our song ring clear!

Carol Killebrew

Save the Date! Announcing Salem Academy Family Dinners for Students and Faculty

These quarterly events are dress up school days that culminate in a dinner and activity for students, faculty, and residential staff from 5:30 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. We’ll break bread together and spend time socializing together in Bryant Hall. Students will join their advisors for a time to relax and socialize.

Download the Family Dinners 2018-19 PDF

Our community came together and celebrated!

Thank you to all current parents and grandparents who attended the Head of School Investiture at Home Moravian Church on Friday.  The entire Salem Academy community, students, staff, alumnae, board members and former parents, appreciates your support and your wishes for a successful school year, and we appreciate you being a part of this very special day in the life of Salem Academy!

Meals on Campus for Day Students

If your daughter is a day student, she is welcome to eat breakfast and dinner in our dining hall for an additional fee. In order to join us for these meals, she should sign here name to the list in the dining hall, and the family will receive a cumulative bill each semester. Breakfast is $6.84 per meal and Dinner is $9.72 each evening. On weekends, lunch is $8.57.

Upcoming Activities and Events Newsletter

Check out the Salem Academy Upcoming Activities and Events Spark for the latest happenings around campus.

Link Your Harris Teeter VIC Card to Give to Salem!

The number is 5509! Shop Harris Teeter throughout the year!

Harris Teeter Neighborhood Food & Pharmacy Together in Education

Remember that you can give to Salem Academy each time you shop by registering their VIC card at www.harristeeter.com, and selecting Salem Academy as the charity of choice.  When purchasing Harris Teeter brands, a percentage of one’s purchase is donated by Harris Teeter to the Salem!

5509 is Salem Academy’s number!  Please continue to give throughout the summer months! Just ask the cashier when you check out to connect your card to 5509.


Athletics Update

Preseason Recap   

How did you spend your last week of summer? The Salem Academy Fall Athletes had their own idea of how to cherish the last few days of relaxation.  Rather than settling down with a good book by the pool or at the beach, these athletes chose to move into the dorms and dedicate their last week of summer to bettering themselves and strengthening their team.

As the forty-two cross-country, field hockey, tennis and volleyball athletes moved into their rooms, the athletic staff were on Bryant Patio preparing for the Preseason Kickoff Party.  With Mr.Will from the kitchen manning the grill, the athletes gathered for a wonderful meal. Hamburgers and hot dogs were devoured and after we ate, Mrs. Killebrew inspired the athletes with her encouraging words and by sharing inspiring stories. Athletes then relaxed by the pool catching up with new and old friends.

Tuesday morning came with an early wake-up call, breakfast at the College refectory, morning fitness, and a two-hour practice.  Lunch was a good time to cool off and refuel for a two and a half hour afternoon session. Coaches encouraged the athletes as they pushed each other through drills, cheered each other on through fitness testing, and demanded the best of themselves and their teammates. 

The rest of the week followed a similar rigorous schedule.  The athletes persevered through endless practices and were rewarded with fun evening activities. Tuesday evening saw the Sabers exploring Salem Lake by means of kayaks and canoes and enjoying ice cream sundaes on the deck as the sun set.  Athletes consumed large amounts of theater candy another evening while watching the movie Miracle Season in the Academy auditorium. Thursday evening brought everyone much needed relaxation at Westwood Swim Club for a pizza party and meeting new day students.  By day, the Salem Academy Fall athletes could be found running, jumping, swinging and out-pacing their competition. By night, they were nursing blisters, stretching sore muscles, and hydrating in preparation for the next day.

Friday brought the last day of practices and a great sigh of relief from the fatigued athletes.  Following afternoon practice, Salem’s twelfth annual preseason came to an end.  The athletes departed on Friday with an inspired sense of team unity and Salem pride.  Good Luck to all of the Fall Athletes in their upcoming season! Your hard work and devotion make Salem proud!

photo of preseas athletes lined up in kayaksAcademy preseason sports students in kayaks on a lake

2018 Fall Team Schedules and Rosters

All fall sports teams will have picture day on Wednesday, September 5th

Athletics - This Week's Events

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