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Week of March 2, 2018

From Interim Head of School, Miss T


Dear All,

At assembly on Wednesday of this week, I spoke to the students about two character traits that are dear to my heart and are certainly things that our community at the Academy fosters in our students, faculty, and staff. Those two traits are respect and kindness.

We all live in a rather rough-and-tumble world and the norm today seems to be for individuals to say and do whatever they think and feel, without regard for how those statements or actions may affect other people. I abhor this as I feel it dulls our sensitivities to the feelings of others and it glorifies self at the expense of anyone else.

When children are small and just learning to navigate their world, they have to be taught to share, to say “please” and “thank you,” to show compassion to others, and to begin to learn that they are not the only people in the world. As we all know, these can be difficult lessons to learn and the teaching of these lessons does not stop when a child emerges into adolescence. Teenagers are just as egocentric as babies, as they are learning to make decisions, develop independence, and traveling that road to adulthood.

It is so important that our students be given the tools that will take them to adulthood as caring and responsible adults. The living of life in a community can be a tricky business. There are rules and regulations to learn, the feelings, background, and outlooks of others to be cognizant of, and the finding of one’s place and voice within that community.

Salem Academy is an extremely diverse community, as is our world, and it is so beneficial to our students if they can learn to navigate the community at this stage before they move out into the wider world. Here they have people around them who care about them, who will pick them up when they fall down and support them as they climb back onto the path. These same people, teachers, advisors, parents, friends, will stand by and aid in this process, either pushing, pulling, or walking beside. We all make mistakes, but a caring community can be so uplifting as we “right our ship” and continue to grow and move forward.

Respect and kindness are the hallmarks of this support and care that exists among the members of the community. Without these two important traits, the community is nothing. Relationships are not sincere and there is no feeling of companionship and understanding among the members of the community. Navigating the issues and concerns of the community takes hard work and intentional attention to kindness and the right treatment of all. Respect for all members is absolutely essential.

Many of us can not change this world in which we live, although I think some of our students have the power to do so.  However, we can influence the close world around us and kindness and respect are the tools that we can wield to assure that our immediate world is a kinder and more caring environment. A feeling of support and understanding provides a foundation which gives a person the strength to effect growth and positive forward movement.

Kindness towards others does not cost anything but the gift that it gives to those on which it is bestowed is immeasurable. Sometimes kindness is hard to give because the recipient is resistant but perseverance and continued effort make it well worth the positive result in the end.

There is a Bible verse that hung on my office wall for many years and I think it could be the mantra for all of us in this community. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If we all keep this foremost in our hearts and lives, we will make our world a better place.

My best to you all for the weekend. We are winding down our search for the new Head of School and should have an announcement for you shortly,

Take care,

Mary Lorick Thompson

Interim Head of School


Two Salem Students Named National Merit Finalists

National Merit Scholar FinalistsTwo seniors from Salem Academy recently qualified as finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Charlotte Dorn and Alexandra Maycock will continue on in the competition with the hopes of receiving one of 7,500 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $32 million offered this spring.

Read more.

Upcoming Activities

Upcoming Activities

BOOK TALK: The Radium Girls

Radium Girls

Conversations About Our New Daily Schedule

As you have heard, throughout the school year Salem has had a committee studying our daily schedule to make it more effective for our students and faculty.  We’ve looked at the daily schedule our peer schools use and have examined our own needs each day, and we are happy to announce that we’ve come up with a new daily schedule to debut this fall.  Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to have the discussion with your daughters during class meetings, and we want to offer that same chance for a conversation with parents! We have three dates in March planned, and we hope you can join us for one!


Monday, March 5

  • The DADS group has graciously allowed us to use their meeting time and is also inviting moms!  Please gather in the Dining Hall 7:45 am for coffee and conversation.

Tuesday, March 13

  • Join members of the schedule committee on the Sun Porch at 6:00 pm for a cookie and to chat.  This will be immediately following a home soccer game, so you’ll have time to cheer on the Sabers first!

Friday, March 23

  • We have a number of special events this fine Friday afternoon!  At 1:00 pm, our college panel will be held in the auditorium–hear from college admissions experts about topics and trends.   Juniors and their parents are strongly encouraged to attend, but parents and students in all grades are most welcome.  At 2:45, Dr. Christy Buchanan will speak on research-based practices for parents navigating adolescence as a family in the 21st century. From 2:15 - 2:45 pm, we will have a reception and conversation about the new schedule in the EB Reception Room.

We are so pleased with the opportunities for growth offered by this new schedule. We look forward to sharing more about these possibilities with you in March! If you are unable to attend one of the meetings, please let us know. We welcome the chance to speak with you at another time.


Chinese New Year

Salem Students celebrate Chinese New Year by sharing culinary creations. Photos by Alexandra Byers

Jan Term Reports and Third Quarter Interim Progress Reports

Jan Term reports and comments and third quarter interim progress reports are now available in the Parent Portal. Every student has a Jan Term report; teachers write a progress report if a student’s average is a C- or below at the midpoint of the quarter or if they want to share other information with a student’s family.  Please reach out to your daughter’s advisor if you have questions about these reports.


Presidential Transition Page

Office of the President

The latest information regarding the search for the twenty-first president of Salem Academy and College can always be found here.



Athletics Update

Salem Academy Fencers Have Another Fine Season

Salem Fencers, as they always have, completed another successful season on Saturday. In spite of having no full opposing women’s team for the first two meets of the season, the team rose to the occasion at the last meet and grabbed first place in the division. This was no accident. During the first two meets, the girls chose to compete against all-male squads to keep their skills sharp. Throughout the season, the Salem fencers were rotated around to compete against different teams fielding women. The Lady Sabers held their own against the all-male teams and scored victories against all women fencers in the Mountain Division. The choice to fence in the men’s bracket paid off with a first-place team ranking by the end of the normal season, positioning the team well for the State Team Championships. For the third year in a row, Salem finished on the podium in third, losing only to the eventual winner, Chapel Hill HS. Noteworthy is the fact that Salem lost 5-2 to Chapel Hill with Julia Zhou scoring two victories, while the second place finishers lost down 5-0. On the individual front, the Salem fencers produced outstanding results.

The Mountain Division Championship found three Salem fencers in the finals of six with Carry Liu taking first place. Julia Zhou and Katie Alexander rounded out the top six finishing 5th and 6th place, respectively. Two of the other top six places were occupied by Reynolds High School fencers, finishing 3rd and 4th. This is of note because the Salem and Reynolds teams practice and scrimmage together during the regular season which has strengthened both teams and it was evident in their competitions this season.

The State Individual Championship showed Salem has some very stiff competition from the Coastal Division, which had the majority of top finishes. Chapel Hill High School and Orange County High School produced the top results for the day. Both schools fence year-round access The day found two of our fencers in the top half. Carry Liu had the best performance of the day for Salem, finish a strong 13th place. Julia Zhou finished in 16th place, Katie Alexander in 19th and Catherine Davila in 28th.  This was not as high a place as the team had hoped but is still a strong finish in a tough field.

Wrapping up the year, the team will say goodbye to three seniors, Katie Alexander, Brianna Sorrells, and Abbey Linnell. Salem will miss you all. Good luck in your future in all you do. As always it has been a fun year working with the Salem fencers and watching them grow in skill and knowledge. Coach Peting is already looking forward to next year! 
Spring Sports
Below are the rosters and schedules for soccer and track and field:
You can also access the schedules anytime online at http://salemacademy.com/sports/events

SAVE THE DATE: Spring College Panel

  • WHAT - Every Spring we host a panel of college admissions professionals to share information and answer questions from Salem academy parents and students
  • WHEN - Friday, March 23rd  1:00 - 2:30 pm
  • WHERE - Salem Academy Auditorium

Please mark it on your calendar and attend if possible. It is a great opportunity to get your specific questions answered by professionals who are “in the know” about college admissions because they live it every day. It is not mandatory for juniors and their families, but it heavily encouraged all of you to take advantage of the opportunity.

Registration Now Open for STEAM Camp


The Theatre Department Has Been Busy

Theatre I Plays
The students in the Theatre I classes presented a play to the school at assembly February 13th and February 16th.  Each class did their own play and did a wonderful job.


Theatre Field Trip
On February 15th, students who signed up earlier in the year attended a matinee performance held at Triad Stage in Greensboro of A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry.  The play was a great success and the students enjoyed the show.



Mary Poppins Rehearsals Have Begun
Mary Poppins The MusicalThe spring musical Mary Poppins is off and running.  Students are working on dancing and singing.  We are all excited to get going with our spring musical which will open in April.




NCAIS is expanding our Annual Women In Leadership Conference to include high school students, our Future Leaders

NCAIS will offer a unique summer leadership opportunity that nurtures and cultivates your interests in creating an inclusive and equitable school community. This program will provide you with experiences to build skills that will enable you to lead within your school community and beyond.

This inaugural year is limited to 35 rising 9th and 10th-grade female students, so register early!

Conference Date: 2 pm on Sunday, June 10 until noon on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Where: Saint Mary’s School, Raleigh, NC 

Housing: Double dorm rooms will be available for all student participants.

Cost: $339 (Includes all meals, conference activities, and lodging). Financial Assistance is available. Please contact Laura Reed, lreed@ncais.org, by May 1 for more information. If your plans change, full refunds will be honored until May 1, 2018. After May 1, 2018, participants will be awarded a 50% refund before June 1, 2018.

Transportation: Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the conference.

Sponsor:  All student participants must be accompanied by an educator from their school who is also registered to attend the conference. Sponsors will have the opportunity to attend the student portion and/or the educator portion of the conference. Sponsors will not be responsible for student participants at the conference or in the dorms. 

Student Registration

500 East Salem Ave | Winston-Salem, NC 27101 | 1-877-40SALEM