Due to winter weather, Salem Academy will open at 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. See our Winter Storm Update page for details.

Week of December 16, 2018

From the Head of School

“The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them.”
(American Proverb/Author Unknown)

I was looking for a quotation on “resilience,” in part because Salem Academy was the only local school to open on Wednesday and to have a full day on Thursday - we enjoyed our two days of snow, but we all knew it was time to get back to business. We have had to alter the exam schedule so that we could still conduct review sessions, and many of our Faculty were online on both Monday and Tuesday, answering questions via email and group chats or holding math review sessions in Zoom and Google Meet, two video conference platforms. You can see why I was look for a quotation on resilience - it is what we as a school community embrace completely, especially when it comes to teaching and learning.

The National Coalition of Girls Schools (NCGS) just this week released a report entitled Fostering Academic and Social Engagement: An Investigation into the Effects of All-Girls Education in the Transition to University.  This descriptor was in an email that I received:

“Fostering Academic and Social Engagement focuses a lens on how graduates of all-girls schools today compare to female graduates of coed schools in terms of their academic characteristics and readiness for university. The findings are extensive and speak highly of the work happening in our schools – work that is setting up girls’ school graduates to be confident and impactful twenty-first century community members, change-makers, and leaders. In summary, the researchers concluded that when compared to their female peers at coed schools, girls’ school graduates:

  • Have stronger academic skills
  • Are more academically engaged
  • Demonstrate higher science self-confidence
  • Display higher levels of cultural competency
  • Express stronger community involvement
  • Exhibit increased political engagement”

It has always been exciting to be involved in the education of girls, but this report reveals what most of us have experienced in our classrooms and observed as our students transition into college and careers.

Here is the link to the Executive Summary of the Report. I am confident that as you read this, you will shake your head in affirmation as you watch your daughter or recall your own experience  - and resilience - of having a girls’ school education. I know that I did.

Far may our song ring clear!

Carol Killebrew


Financial Aid

It’s time for families who will return to Salem Academy next year, 2019-2020 (parents of seniors, you’re off the hook!), to complete the Parent Financial Statement (PFS). Please note this is a REQUIRED DOCUMENT to continue to receive aid from Salem Academy, and the priority deadline is December 31st. You can fill out the PFS here.

January Term 2019

Jan Term 2019 begins on Monday, January 7.

January Term 2019 Daily Schedule

Jan Term Trip to Winter Wonderlands in 2020

a photo of a street in Lucerne Switzerland in Winter

Is that Winston-Salem in the snow? Why no, it’s Lucerne, Switzerland. Just one of the incredible winter wonderlands we will visit on our Alpine Adventure to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland for the 2020 January Term Trip.

Our rescheduled Interest Meeting will be before the Math Exam on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 11:00 am.

For more information contact Mrs. Robinson at maria.robinson@salem.edu


Mindfulness During Exams & the Holidays

This week in Assembly, students learned a simple Mindfulness exercise (below) that can be practiced in moments of stress and tension—or just when we need to slow down! Exams and the Holiday Season can often be full of deadlines, planning, Christmas shopping, cooking… and before we know it, December can feel less like a gift and more like a marathon! Mindfulness is simply the practice of taking the time to slow down, be in the present moment, and notice our thoughts and feelings without judgement. The next few weeks are a great opportunity to practice Mindfulness, and to savor this season with family and friends!

The Counseling Department will be offering 10 minutes of Mindfulness on Monday and Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in the Group Counseling room. We will take 10 minutes to be present with one another, practice breathing, and take some time to get centered before exams.

Students—Practice your “Five Senses” Mindfulness Exercise during exams to de-stress and be kind to your mind while you study. Parents—feel free to try this exercise over the Holidays. Notice the glistening snow, feel the heat of a fireplace, smell pie baking in the oven! Let’s all engage this season with gratitude and wonder.

Notice 5 things you can see

Notice 4 things you can feel

Notice 3 things you can hear

Notice 2 things you can smell

Notice 1 thing you can taste


Driver's Education

  • Drivers Education classes will be held at the Academy during Jan Term January 7-18, 2019.  Classes run from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. and will be held in the study hall room.
  • Students must be North Carolina residents, age 14 years, 6 months on or before Jan. 7 to be eligible to enroll.  This is NC law-there are no exceptions.  (DOB on or before July 7, 2004)
  • Students must attend all 10 classes, 30 hours of classroom instruction, to pass the course.  There are no exceptions. 
  • Students will be taught both the classroom and driving portions of the course for a cost of $350 (classroom only = $150/ in-car only = $200.)  This may be paid in cash or by check to Forsyth Driving School, and must be paid on the first day of class.  (This price reflects a $100 discount.)
  • Payment may be made in full on the first day of classes or $150 may be paid the first day of classroom instruction, and $200 on the first day of in-car driving
  • If your daughter is eligible, please have her come by the Head of School’s office and pick up NC State form SBTS-800.  This form must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian, and returned to Kathy Barnes in the Head of School’s office by Dec. 20.
  • If your daughter is eligible but unable to take classes during Jan Term due to a conflict with the Jan Term trip, Forsyth Driving School does offer classes at their school in Clemmons.  An afternoon/evening Christmas break class is being offered.   More information is available on their website: www.forsythdrivingschool.com  If you attend the class at the Forsyth Driving School Clemmons location, remember to tell them you attend Salem Academy and you will receive the same $100 discount!


Inclement Weather Policy

Dear Salem Academy Families,

We have entered the winter weather season, so I want to remind you about the school’s policy when it comes to closing the school or having a delayed opening because of inclement weather.

Since we have both Day and Boarding students, we operate a bit differently from other schools in the area. We will always try to remain on a regular schedule unless the outside conditions are such that it is not feasible to have even an abbreviated class day.  However, if traveling conditions are not safe for you or your daughter, please do not risk coming to school. Students will not be penalized for absences from class and other school activities that result from their families determining it is unsafe to travel to the Academy during inclement weather. If weather conditions worsen during a school day and travel home is not recommended, day students may stay overnight  in the residence hall.

Our methods of  communication for a delayed start or a closing will include

  • A pop-up on the webpage
  • An email to  all students and parents
  • A text (for parents and students registered to receive Academy text messages)
  • A notice on our local television station WXII
  • A voice recording by calling the tag room number (336-721-2775)

We will do our best to give notice of any schedule change as early as possible.

Thank you

Carol Killebrew
Head of School

Upcoming Student Activities and Events

Upcoming Activities


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