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Week of November 4, 2018

From the Head of School

“I pledge to invest in women because I believe it offers one of the greatest returns on investment. While many of the world’s natural resources are being depleted, one is waiting to be unleashed – women.” (Sara Blakely)


My parents modeled many practices for me, and I have adopted most of them into my own life. The first is an appreciation for learning: My father returned from WWII and enrolled into college, earning an undergraduate degree, a law degree, and his CPA license. My mother did not go to a four-year college, but she was a voracious reader and deeply knowledgeable about current events. Together they made sacrifices to send me and my three siblings to private school and to college, for they recognized the important role that education has in a person’s life and in the world’s future. And they expected all of us to use our education to continue our own learning and better the lives of others.


The second — and probably more important — trait that they modeled was philanthropy. My father served on many community boards, and my mother was the director of volunteers at a local hospital. As life happens, they were simply not able to give time to all the organizations that matched their passions, so they made monetary donations to give their support. And they impressed upon all of us the importance of giving.


I remember putting a dollar in a Salvation Army red bucket when I was probably five years old, and I still carry dollars in my wallet during the month of December so that I can continue making this donation. I happily donate to fundraisers, my church, bake sales (does that count as philanthropy? probably not), and environmental causes. I don’t actually see what my dollars do, but I am certain that they are helping the causes that I support.


The major focus of my monetary philanthropic contributions goes to all of the educational institutions where I have attended or been employed, and I am gratified that most of them are schools for girls. I have been fortunate to always see the results of these donations, a gift that surrounds me every day in the halls or welcomes me at alumnae gatherings or supports me with parent involvement.


I have Stepped Up For Salem, even making a challenge to the Academy faculty and staff to match a contribution of any amount to the Academy Fund. We are getting close to 100% faculty participation, and I know we will be there by December 31. I cannot tell you how humbled I am to work with a group of people who - on top of everything else they do for the school and the girls -  are making a financial gift to the school. This is not the norm in independent schools, but Salem Academy is not the norm, either.


I am asking you to join me and Step Up For Salem, specifying your gift to the Academy Fund. Any amount will help us continue to provide innovative, empowering, and academic opportunities for girls who are going to make a difference in this world. I guarantee that you will be rewarded for this investment.


Far may our song ring clear!

Carol Killebrew

You may visit https://stepup.salem.edu to make your gift

"Code Girls" author to visit on Nov. 15

Liza Mundy will dine with Academy students and share her experience and inspiration in researching and writing Code Girls on Thursday, November 15.  Code Girls highlights the women recruited during World World II to work as code breakers during the war effort.

After she addresses the student body, parents, alumnae, and friends of the school are welcome to join Ms. Mundy for an After Byte reception and book signing from 1:15 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. on the Academy Sun Porch.

Contact Dean Rogers to pre-order your copy of Code Girls for this upcoming event.

If you are a parent, friend or alumnae, please RSVP for the After Byte dessert reception here by November 13.


Sisters of the Motherboard

What an eventful week! Sunday robotics girls came in during the afternoon and worked hard on building their robots, CAD (Computer-Aided Design), and programming. These designs will be included in the Engineering Notebook chronicling the teams’ journey through the season.

Then Tuesday ladies representing both teams went to visit Mount Robotics in Innovation Quarter to work with the Girls on Fire team. They compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition that is a step above the FIRST Tech Challenge we compete in. We are excited about partnering with them, learning from their mentors, and having a space to set up a full competition field at Mounts Robotics. We are thankful for the space and relationships we are building.

All of this happened before our regularly scheduled class on Thursday! Thursday we finally got the parts for the practice field, so some members started building that for us to use. The chassis for Team A is put back together and entries detailing the evolution of the coding are being drafted.


    We are constantly amazed by the outpouring of support for our teams! Thanks to a generous donation we have a Samsung Galaxy S5 for one team. We need one more of that model to make a pair for a team to use, so if you have an old Samsung Galaxy S5 that team could use we’d appreciate it!

Mandarin Class Students Visit Chinese Studies Club at WFU

Salem’s Mandarin class students were invited to a Chinese hot pot party by the Chinese Studies Club at Wake Forest University on Tuesday. Our students experienced this special cuisine with different authentic ingredients. They also had a wonderful conversation with the university students in Chinese and exchanged their learning experience. We are very grateful to have this opportunity to meet with Chinese language learners and native speakers at the college level.

Counseling Groups: Inside Out & Leading with Love

Ms. Johnson is excited to offer two new counseling groups– Inside Out and Leading with Love!

Inside Out is a self-esteem group that will help students gain self-confidence, engage in vulnerability, develop emotional self-awareness, practice positive self-talk, and more. Inside Out will meet on Wednesdays from 1:05-1:40 in the Group Counseling Room.

Leading with Love is a group that focuses on healthy friendships and how to be a leader among friends. Students will learn how to engage in healthy friendships, gain social/emotional, self-awareness, develop communication skills, practice conflict management skills, deflect gossip and negativity in friend groups, and more. Leading with Love will meet on Thursdays from 12:55-1:40 in the Group Counseling Room.

Feel free to e-mail Ms. Johnson with any questions or concerns at mary.johnson@salem.edu


Jan Term 2019

Jan Term is fast approaching, and we are excited about the opportunities students will have to do school a little bit differently from January 7-January 25.  Juniors and seniors have secured internships in Winston-Salem and around the world, and freshmen and sophomores will register for on-campus classes this Wednesday, November 7.  

Academy teachers will offer experiential courses on topics including household electricity, geometric art, and music journalism. You can view a complete list of course offerings and see the Jan Term daily schedule here.


Upcoming Activities and Events

Upcoming Activities at Salem Academy




Dear Parents and Students;


 The Theatre Department is underway and we are preparing to open our next play.  Over the past several years we have sold refreshments during intermission for the performances. The money goes towards the theatre celebration at the end of the year.  We are in need of things to sell. If you are willing, we are looking for small bottles of water, and snack foods like Little Debbie cakes or homemade cookies and brownies or little bags of chips.  The cookies and brownies will need to be individually wrapped. Donations can be sent to school with your daughter, or they can be brought to the theatre on performance nights.


  Also, we will be having a cast/crew party right after strike after the last Sunday performance.  If anyone wants to donate food and drink for the students it would be greatly appreciated. They will probably miss dinner so this will be something they will attack with great hunger.  We have about 30 students involved with the show.


  All the students who are signed up for any crew are required to be at strike which begins at 3:45 on Sunday, November 11th.  Any parents or relatives can come and help as well. We always need extra hands, and especially extra drills


 It is always a pleasure working with the students on a show and I am looking forward to working with them again in future productions.  Please call or email me if you have any questions at kerry.lawson@salem.edu or 336-917-5508.


Thank you,

Kerry Lawson


The Friday Advanced Theatre class is now involved with costume design.  As part of their learning, they created costumes out of garbage bags to learn about movement, character and design.  They created a monster, fairy and bride.



DADs Breakfast Meeting Nov. 12

DADS Breakfast Meeting - all are welcome

Academy Dining Hall

Salem Academy’s “Discussions Around Daughters” (DADs) is a group just for fathers and male guardians.  We host ongoing informal discussions about issues impacting our daughters and find ways to support all the girls throughout the year. Approximately every month a group of Academy dads will get together to compare notes and discuss the varying issues that come about when raising teenage daughters. It’s always an informal conversation, and all fathers of Salem Academy students are welcome to attend! For fathers who are unable to participate, notes from these conversations will be made available.
We also work to build community among the group and serve the girls different times during the year, most notably during the Pancake Breakfast at exam time!

Donate to the Homeless Period Project

Did you know feminine products are the least donated products to homeless shelters? For many women the implications of living without these necessary supplies are serious … it’s the difference between attending school or work, between peace of mind and humiliation or between infection and health.

Salem Academy is collecting unscented sanitary wipes, regular size sanitary towels, regular size tampons, and pantyliners until Thanksgiving Break. Donation boxes are in the Tag Room

The items will be distributed through the Green Street Methodist Church.

Athletics - This Week's Events

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Athletics - Last Week's Results

Finished, 1st (Home)

Lady Sabers Prevail in Season Opener


In what is quickly becoming a tradition in the North Carolina High School Fencing League’s (NCHSFL), Salem Academy found themselves hosting the season opener on Saturday, November 3rd. Since Elkin High School and Millennium Charter School were unable to field teams for this meet, it was expected to be a relatively short event, but the day turned into a test of stamina when two new teams showed up to participate. Page High School from Greensboro and Forsyth Country Day stepped in to fill the void. It will be interesting to see how rest of the season pans out when the Elkin and Millennium teams are added to the mix. In any case, the Sabers will be ready to challenge all comers.


The first meet of the season saw returning fencers Mackenzie Wiles, Praise Idika, and Julia Zhou fill out the varsity squad (A-Team), which dominated for the day going undefeated without subs. The only real challenge came from cross-town rivals, R.J. Reynolds High School, who pushed the match to all nine bouts with the Salem girls taking the victory 5-4! The other matches finished 5-0 over Page and 5-1 vs Bishop McGuinness. The outstanding A-Team fencer for the day was Praise Idika, who went undefeated at 7-0. With the girls finishing with 50% victories or higher, the day couldn’t have gone better. Mackenzie Wiles, 3-3 for the day, and Julia Zhou, 4-2 on the day, contributed to the team average of beating their opponents 3-1. Simply outstanding!


Not to be cast in the shadows, the Salem B team performed well in their own right by placing 3rd in a group of five coed teams. The B Team, led by veteran Catherine Davila, tied for 3rd on victories but edged out Page’s B side on indicators (touches scored – touches received). With exception of Catherine, who split 3-3, the B Team members only picked up a foil for the first time on October 16th. With just seven practices under their belt, the new fencers did very well. All new fencers scored victories their first time in competition. Grace Jeon and Mira Fitch both went 2-4 on the day, and Margot Burke posted a superb 5-2 record in her first meet. All of these young ladies have an excellent fencing future ahead of them. While Catherine not only posted needed victories, she also provided team leadership, side strip coaching and mentoring throughout the day. Well done to both teams. The next meet will be December 1st on the road with the location to be announced soon.

500 East Salem Ave | Winston-Salem, NC 27101 | 1-877-40SALEM