Due to winter weather, Salem Academy will open at 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. See our Winter Storm Update page for details.

Week of January 5, 2018

From Interim Head of School, Miss T

Dear All,

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a wonderful and restful holiday season. I know your daughters were glad of their release from the everyday academic work. If they are back at school for Jan Term, I hope they are enjoying the experience. If they are involved in an internship, I hope it is going smoothly and that they are having an invaluable learning opportunity.

I have always loved Jan Term. If this is your first experience with this program, I hope that you will come to love it, also. For students staying on campus, mainly the freshmen and sophomores, it is a wonderful time for them to get to know each other. For these 2 and a half weeks, they are the student body. They will make the announcements and eat all of the cookies. The slower pace gives each student the opportunity to spend more time with her fellow students and her teachers. By the end of Jan Term each year, the freshmen and sophomores really feel like Salem is their school.

For the Juniors and Seniors who are doing internships and those who are traveling, fantastic opportunities and experiences await them. The internship program is a fabulous opportunity for students to learn what it is like to be in the work-force, to experience the schedule of a working person, and to develop talents and abilities that they didn’t know they had. They may finish the program knowing what they want to do in life and they may finish knowing what they don’t want to do. Either discovery is of great benefit to her. Please encourage your daughter to take advantage of every experience offered to her and to really commit herself to her internship. The benefits to her will be astounding.

My best to all of you for 2018. I am glad that we will be spending some of that time together.


Take care,

Mary Lorick Thompson

Interim Head of School


Winter Open House

The admissions office is hosting an open house Thursday, February 1, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Please share your love of Salem Academy by encouraging friends and family to attend!

Families can drop in for campus tours, light refreshments, and to chat with Salem students, faculty, and administrators about school life.  Students will learn about academics, athletics, fine arts, and Jan Term in an informal setting.  

Families can register online or call the admissions office at 336-721-2643 for more details.  

If you know a student who belongs at Salem, please let her know about this event!


Students Embark on Journey to England & Scotland!

This morning, a group of students, parents, and teachers left the Academy with much excitement for their final destination- England and Scotland! Please stay tuned to our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for continued updates on their ongoing adventures overseas.


Invitation to travel with Salem alums and friends in 2018

Academy Alumnae Spring Trip 2018

Dear Parents, Friends, and Alumnae of Salem Academy and College,

Happy New Year!  In this time of the deep freeze, why not make plans for a warm, lovely trip in June to Vienna, Prague, and Leipzig.  Travel with fun people who love Salem, as we explore “Moravians and Music,” visit museums and gardens, attend concerts, shop, dine, and have lots of free time to pursue special interests.  From castles to half-timbered, thatched cottages, from Viennese waltzes to Bach fugues, there will be much to enjoy for everyone.  Make your plans now!


Betsy Overton

Chair, Department of History

Salem Academy



Inclement Weather Policy

Since the Academy is a boarding and day school, every effort is made to hold classes on time and as scheduled unless weather conditions are so severe that businesses and other residential schools (such as local colleges and universities) find that closing is necessary.  This policy may mean that the Academy would remain in session when the public schools or other private day schools are closed.  If classes at the Academy are canceled or delayed, notice will be given as early as possible via text (for parents and students registered to receive Academy text messages), e-mail, local TV station WXII, and voice recording by calling the tag room number (336-721-2775).

Read the entire Inclement Weather Policy here.


Upcoming Activities and Events

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