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Week of September 29, 2017

From Interim Head of School, Miss T

Dear All,

It is Parents Weekend and we are glad of the opportunity to visit with many of you. When you send your daughters to us here at Salem Academy, you give us the most precious gift. The work that we do with them is so rewarding and exciting. Each of them is so special, with her talents and abilities, her humor, thoughtfulness, and energy and zest for life. What an inspiration each of them is to our Salem family. My only regret is that all of you can not be here for the weekend. We wish each of you well and hope to see you in the near future. My best to each of you for the weekend, whether you are here with us or not. If you are here, we are so glad, if you are not, we will miss you.

My best to all of you,

Mary Lorick Thompson

Interim Head of School


Parents Weekend Starts Today!

Schedule for Parents Weekend

Academy Yearbook Wins National Award

Yearbook AwardEarlier this week, students learned that the 2017 edition of The Quill Pen won a first-place award from the American Scholastic Press Association.

“We’re so excited about the award,” Yearbook Advisor Jenny Orr said. “This was the first year I entered the yearbook into a national contest. Normally I just enter the state contest, but this year I entered both. I just felt as though the theme, ‘This is Our Home,’ and the design of the 2017 yearbook were the best we’ve ever produced.”

“Last year’s staff primarily consisted of two students—Kadie Hicks and Emma Maddrey.

“We had some students help occasionally, but Kadie and Emma did the majority of the book themselves,” Orr said. “I am thrilled that they are receiving the recognition they deserve.”

OUt of a possible 1,000 points, national judges awarded Salem Academy a score of 920. The accompanying letter said Salem’s “yearbook shows excellence in the fields of writing, photography, and page design and contains elements/sections of a memorable yearbook that will be treasured for years to come.”

Emma Maddrey who was honored with the award during Wednesday Assembly said winning the award was a huge honor.

“Kadie Hicks and I worked so hard on last year’s book,” she said. “And now all that hard work has paid off.”



Salem Academy Art on Display at the Dixie Classic Fair

Congratulations to the Salem Academy Art Department for receiving the Judge’s Choice for Best Private School Art Display at the Dixie Classic County Fair.

  • Jenae Edwards received a first place ribbon
  • Sydney Tribble a second place ribbon
  • Ana Grace Sapp a third-place ribbon.

Please come out to support all of the participants including; Catherine Davila, Stelina Gjeci, Chase Alston, Dania Shoaf, Kennedy Connor, Favor Idika, Julia Zhou, Cynthia Bian, Alex Robinson, Jenae Edwards, Juna Qorlaze, Brianna Kiser, Charlotte Tang, Gianni Rodriguez, Gracie Wall, Bella Hartwich, Fiona Guo, Fadzai Mushayamunda, Ana Grace Sapp, Sydney Tribble, Patrina Fan, and Alexandra Byers.


Athletics Update

Cross Country

Salem hosted their meet for the season on Thursday, September 28th and has seven schools on campus running. The Sabers improved their times again with Sophia Iltis, Alia Agee, and Abbey Linnell all dropping times from previous races this season. Bella Hartwich cut over a minute off of her season-best time. Every team member dropped time and are preparing for the conference meet in three weeks.


Varsity Tennis

Greensboro Day School, despite decisive losses to Salem’s Jayden Brown in each of the previous encounters by different players at the top position, held on to an 8-1 victory on September 25th at Greensboro Day. Jayden dominated the match with a solid performance to win in an 8-3 pro set which was identical to the first match with GDS by a different opponent. Lea Allescher had a strong performance at the second position, coming up just short with an 8-5 loss.

On September 26th, Salem Academy improved its 2017 conference record to 5-1 with a win over archrival Westchester Day School at High Point Country club. Salem won the match 7-2 with all six players again contributing to the win in singles and/or doubles. For wins in singles: Jayden Brown, Lea Allescher, Faith Harcus and Veronica Li contributed 4 of the necessary 5 points needed to certify the victory. Jayden/Amanda Na, Lea/Caroline Harman and Faith/Veronica added 3 more wins to dominate the doubles. Veronica remains undefeated in singles and doubles and Jayden is undefeated in singles in TAC action thus far.

Salem Academy suffered its second conference loss of the year at the hands of first place, Caldwell Academy, September 28th at the Salem courts. Despite the 6-3 setback, the Sabers were competitive in all flights in both singles and doubles. Jayden Brown remains undefeated in singles play for the year and Veronica Li is still undefeated in conference singles and they captured two of the three wins in Thursday’s match. Jayden teamed with Amanda Na to win the top doubles flight while Lea Allescher and Caroline Harman came up just short in losing a tie-breaker.

Salem is 5-2 in the TAC and 5-4 overall and will host Forsyth Country Day on October 2nd.


Junior Varsity Tennis

The  J.V. tennis team has had 2 tennis matches since the last report. On Friday, September 22nd, Salem played Summit School. Jessie Gentles and Patrina Fan won at the No. 2 and the No.5 singles positions, respectively. Coach Engram is extremely proud of the way these girls played. Though the team lost the match 2-7, the girls games are really coming together which is what a JV team is all about. The team continues to do drills that will help them in their match play.

On Monday, September 25th, the team traveled with the varsity team to Greensboro to play the tennis powerhouse, Greensboro Day School. Sidney Sterns was a big winner at Salem’s #3 singles position. The rest of the team tried hard, but this was stiff competition. The Sabers lost the match 1-8, and were without the No. 1 player for this match, Emma Shelby, as Emma was playing the No. 6 position for the varsity due to illness on their team. Therefore, each of the JV girls moved up a spot to play this match. Whether the team won or lost , all of these matches are good practice for the girls. 

Next week, the JV will play Reynolds High School and Forsyth Country Day.


Varsity Field Hockey

On Friday, September 22nd, the varsity field hockey team had their best game of the season against the Webb School. With the help of Emma Maddrey and Lucy Calaway, the defense was able to communicate well and keep pressure on Webb’s offense for the entire first half. Breanna Sorrells was a great support for the team as she assisted in moving the ball past their defense and down the field to forwards Jadyn Loftin and Parker Lacewell. Midfielder Carry Liu was quick to attack and had multiple impressive breakaways.

Going into the second half with a score of 0-0, the defense was ready to finish the game strong. Amira Rady kept her role as a key player on the defensive side and forced Webb’s offense to the outside, resulting in opportunities for possession by the offense. Likewise, Mackenzie Culp helped out the Sabers with her strong hits by changing the direction of the game and giving the ball back to the offense. Despite great defensive efforts, Webb was able to score one goal in the second half. The Sabers were not discouraged and continued to play well to finish the game strong.

On Monday, September 25th, the team traveled to Greensboro Day School to face the Bengals for a second time. The Sabers showed a lot of improvement in this game and the defense started the game off strong. Breanna Sorrells had another great game at midfield as she supported the forwards and held off the Bengal’s offense. On the other side of the field, Kiya Norman was quick to the ball and proved to be a great help to both the defense and the forwards. Jadyn Loftin carried the ball quickly down the field with help from Kennedy Conner.

In the second half, Catherine Davila was on the field ready to defend. She marked her player well and was a great help to the defense. The Bengals started this game off with a speed that they were able to maintain for the entirety of the game. The Sabers were defeated 3-0 but were pleased with the improvements that they have made on defense.

The varsity team played Asheville School on Wednesday, September 27th.  Carry Liu went straight to the ball at the start and was able to push it up the field to the forwards. Asheville’s defense was quick to the ball and had strong hits, giving them the chance to return the ball to their offense. Defenders Kelly Nesser and Makayla McFadden seized every opportunity to regain control of the ball and get it back to forwards Jadyn Loftin and Parker Lacewell.

Catherine Davila was in goal for this game and she had numerous strong stops and managed to clear the ball back out of the circle to the midfielders. Jeanine Ikekhua got time on the field as a midfielder and used her speed to attack when on defense and be first to the ball when on offense. Asheville managed to get the ball past the midfielders and defenders and, with strong hits, were able to score in the first half. The Sabers were not discouraged and went out strong in the second half. Favor Idika went in at forward and, with the help of midfielder Breanna Sorrells, gained control of the ball and was able to make smart passes to Carry Liu and Jadyn Loftin. The Sabers fought hard to stay on offense but Asheville brought a lot of speed and strength to this game. The varsity team was defeated 5-0, but the girls were able to learn a lot from the way Asheville moved with the ball and communicated on offense.

On Thursday, September 28, varsity traveled to the Summit School for their third game of the week. Despite feeling a lack of energy from the previous two games, the Sabers went onto the field as if it were their first game of the week. The spotlight was on the defense in the first half as Mackenzie Culp and Lucy Calaway stopped nearly every ball that made its way to the goal. Both of these defenders showed consistently strong hits and passes as they moved the ball back up to the offense. For the few balls that made it past the defenders, Emma Auch was ready in goal. She moved quickly to the ball and kept their forwards from scoring in the first half.

Going into the second half at 0-0, the Sabers were feeling confident in their ability to turn this game into their first win of the season. Jenae Edwards, at midfield, played great defense and didn’t let anyone get past her. She was able to move the ball back up to Jadyn Loftin, who carried the ball up the field and scored the varsity team’s first goal of the season. Kiya Norman went onto the field as a forward, a position she had never played before, and proved her versatility as she carried the ball on a breakaway down to the goal. With one strong shot on goal, Kiya scored the Saber’s second goal of the game. Ending the game at 2-0, the efforts of the strong defense, and increasingly fast offense were rewarded, and the Sabers went home with a well-deserved win.


Junior Varsity Field Hockey

The JV field hockey team faced the Webb School on Friday, September 22nd, and added another victory to their record. The team played smart and brought a lot of energy to this game. The team managed to keep the ball on offense and put the pressure on Webb’s defense for the majority of the game. Salem’s forwards all had a great game and were giving midfielders Lucy Price and Kennedy Conner opportunities for smart passes down the field. Parker Lacewell moved past Webb’s defense quickly and scored the first goal of the game for the Sabers with an assist by Jadyn Loftin.

The defense was put to the test as Webb seized an opportunity to make their way back down the field towards goalie Catherine Davila. Defenders Amira Rady and Lucy Calaway marked their players well but, with a quick pass,  Webb’s offense was given the opportunity to take a shot on goal. Their offense was successful and they were able to score. However, this did not discourage the Sabers and the team came back with more even speed and the drive to win. After receiving great passes from Kennedy Conner and Lucy PriceJadyn Loftin gained control of the ball and carried it into the circle. She moved passed defenders and scored the second goal for the Sabers. Favor Idika went out on the field as a forward and communicated well with Jadyn. The two knew how to get around the defenders and use each other as support to get the ball to the goal. Favor scored the third goal for the Sabers with an assist by Jadyn. The Sabers ended the game with a score of 3-1 and celebrated their victory.

On Thursday, September 28th, the JV team faced the Summit School. The teams were playing fairly even for the majority of the game. The defense was marking every player on their offense and successfully eliminated any opportunity they had to score in the first half. Iyana Lee was back on defense and had handful of strong stops and passes up the field to midfielder Kennedy ConnerKennedy was quick to the ball and had support from Lucy Price and Jeanine Ikekhua. The Sabers stayed on offense but, with a few unlucky shots on goal, went into the second half with a score of 0-0.

With a lot of confidence going into the second half, the Sabers were ready to score. Unfortunately for the Sabers, Summit started off the half with a penalty corner. They moved fast and took a shot on goal before Salem’s midfielders were able to come back for support. With a score of 1-0, the Sabers knew they had to play smart on defense and move the ball up the field. Cameron Shaw was a great support for the forwards and managed to attack quickly and move the ball away from their offense. The Sabers were in the circle ready to score and got a penalty corner after playing the ball off of a defender’s foot. Favor Idika was placed towards the top of the circle and, when the opportunity was presented, she moved quickly to the goal and scored the Saber’s first goal of the game. The Sabers ended the game with a tie, 1-1. The team was in constant communication throughout the game and they showed a lot of strength both on offense and on defense.


Varsity Volleyball

On September 22nd, your varsity Sabers played Salem Baptist and lost 0-3.  They played hard but could not pull out the win.  Dania Shoaf and Sara Kent Trollinger contributed some great serves and Alexandra Maycock had some awesome kills and blocks.  They will continue to work hard.

On September 25th, the varsity volleyball Sabers played Greensboro Day and despite making great plays and working hard, the team didn’t end in the winning column. Captain Kaely Miller had seven successful attacks and captain Jenna Barnes had five successful serves!

September 26th saw the varsity Sabers take on Westchester Country Day School and fall short of the victory. The team played very well and had some great touches.  Hannah Brothers stepped up and played the setter role, Maggie Campbell had nine kills and Miracle Etimandy had three blocks and a kill.  

The Sabers played American Hebrew Academy on September 28th and could not pull out a win.  The team had some great moments with Breanna Allison having three good serves and two aces.  Maggie Dees had an awesome attack and one kill. Please come out and support your Sabers at their last home game on October 6th against Forsyth Country Day as it is senior day.


Junior Varsity Volleyball

On Friday, September 22, the Sabers JV volleyball team had a game against Salem Baptist. The Lady Sabers got their first win of the season. The team got out of the funk they were in and manage to pull off a 2-0 win. For the Sabers, Lillian Giles had 15 aces, Breanna Allison had two kills and five aces and Caroline Drupka had three aces, four kills and a block.

Monday, September 25 saw the Sabers JV volleyball team played Greensboro Day School at Greensboro. GDS managed to take home a 2-0 win over the Lady Sabers. The Sabers played hard and fought for every point. Finishing the game, Blythe Hudson had two aces and three assists, and Tochi Okoli had two aces and two kills.


Upcoming Events

Monday, October 2nd

Varsity Tennis vs. Forsyth Country Day School, 4:00


Tuesday, October 3rd

Junior Varsity Tennis vs. Reynolds High School, 4:15 

Junior Varsity Volleyball at Salem Baptist, 4:00

Varsity Volleyball at Salem Baptist, 5:15


Thursday, October 5th

Varsity Tennis vs. Westchester Country Day, 4:00

Varsity Volleyball at Westchester Country Day, 4:30

Cross Country at Forsyth Country Day, 5:00 


Friday, October 6th

Junior Varsity Tennis vs. Forsyth Country Day, 4:00

Junior Varsity Volleyball vs. Forsyth Country Day, 4:30

Varsity Field Hockey at Asheville School, 3:30

Varsity Volleyball vs. Forsyth Country Day, 5:30


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