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Week of September 22, 2017

From Interim Head of School, Miss T

Dear All,

At this point in time, our world seems to be overrun with natural disasters, the hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria and the terrible earthquake in Mexico. We see the news reports of devastation and human suffering and we sympathize from afar. We want to help but don’t know the appropriate way to do that. Our hearts hurt for all of those who have lost loved ones and friends and homes. These events are life-altering for all of those directly involved and for those of us who are spectators to the tragedies.

Salem Academy students are among the kindest in the world. They worry about their friends and are true caregivers to ones they see in need. However, our life here can be rather insulated and the students are not always aware of what is going on in the world. It is our job to make sure that they know about world events and that they learn a sense of responsibility in looking after their next door and global neighbors.

The disaster of hurricane Maria has really hit home here at the Academy. We have four students from Dominica, and, thank goodness, they have all heard that their families are safe. The other two heard this morning but they all went through about 48 without knowing whether or not their families had survived. It has been extremely difficult for them and for their Academy friends.

Community is one of the core values of Salem Academy. Our community is like a family and we rejoice with those who are rejoicing and we weep with those who are sad. I ask that you please keep these four students and their families in your thoughts and prayers. If we find a more tangible way in which to help them, we will let you know. As of now, our Salem family must stand together to provide the love and support that these four students need to help them through this very painful time for them.

My best to all of you,

Mary Lorick Thompson

Interim Head of School


Parents Weekend is Next Weekend!

TOCSchedule for Parents Weekend

Dear families,

Please mark your calendars for Parents Weekend on September 29 and 30. On Friday afternoon, we will host a Parent Social. There will also be a College Counseling program for Senior families on Friday afternoon. On Saturday, we will have a morning program where parents will participate in a sample class day and meet for one on one conferences with their daughters’ teachers. Please plan to join us!

Fall Break Travel Plans are due on September 27!

Please report your daughter’s travel information in Boardingware by Wednesday, September 27. Click here for more information about requesting leave for school holidays.

Whom Do I Contact?

Here are few important numbers to keep handy.  For additional faculty members, check our online directory!

  • What if my child will be late or absent from school?
    • ​​​Call the Tag Room (336-721-2775)
  • I have a question about curriculum, course offerings, or January Term.
  • I would like to inquire about academic coaching, time management skills, or special accommodations if my daughter has a learning disability.
  • I know a student who is interested in exploring the possibility of attending Salem.
  • I would like to get involved with supporting the school’s development efforts.
    • ​​Marianne DeCristo, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations (336-721-2264​)
  • I am worried that my daughter is having emotional struggles and needs to talk with someone.
  • Business Office inquiries (tuition payments, payment plans, etc.)



Upcoming Events and Announcements

Upcoming Activities

Athletics Update

Cross Country

On Monday, September 18th, the cross country team traveled to Camp Merriwood to take on fellow TAC schools. Winna Xia was the star of this meet, running her season-best time and dropping over two minutes from her previous race. Alia Agee also ran a good race, recording her season-best time of 27:15.Julia Zhou knocked over a minute off of her season-best time as well. The team is continuously improving and the girls are constantly pushing themselves to better their times.

The cross country team ran at Ivey Redmon Park on Thursday, September 21st against three of their conference opponents. Kate Dossel ran her fastest race of the season, finishing with a time of 27:35. Bianca Minter also set a season-best time of 28:21, having dropped over three minutes from the beginning of the month. Ashley Hart continues to improve every race and dropped another two minutes off of her race time this week. Ashley has dropped almost seven minutes on her race time for the season. 

The team will host the meet next week on campus. The meet will start and end near Blixt Field, across the street from the Academy’s athletic facilities. 


Varsity Tennis

Once again, all members of the Salem Academy tennis team contributed to an 8-1 victory over Calvary Day on September 15th at Hanes Park. For Salem, in singles, Jayden Brown, Lea Allescher, Amanda Na, Faith Harcus and Veronica Li all earned wins in decided fashion. In doubles, Jayden teamed with Amanda, Lea teamed with Caroline Harman and Faith paired up with Veronica for the doubles wins. Veronica is undefeated at this point in conference matches.


On Tuesday, September 19th, Salem Academy defeated Calvary Day in the season’s second meeting, 9-0 at home. Once again, all of Salem’s top six players made contributions to improve the team’s conference record to 4-1 with Veronica Li remaining undefeated in singles and doubles in the conference. Jayden Brown, Lea Allescher, Caroline Harman, Amanda Na, Faith Harcus and Veronica won their singles matches, while Jayden/Amanda, Lea/Caroline and Faith/Veronica captured doubles wins. Westchester Country day is the next conference match on September 26th. Salem is now 4-2 overall.


Varsity Volleyball

On Friday, September 15th, the varsity volleyball Sabers took on Calvary Day school. They fought hard the first set and won but came up short in the last three matches resulting in a loss of 1-4.  Miracle Etimandy contributed with eight kills and two blocks. Captain Kaely Miller contributed nine kills and captain Jenna Barnes contributed 12 scoring serves. The team will continue to work hard and improve.


On Tuesday, September 19th, the Sabers played Calvary Day School again, but on their home court. Maggie Dees and Maggie Campbell played great defense while Alexandra Maycock owned the net with eight kills and two blocks.  However, the team play was not enough the defeat Calvary and the team lost the first three sets 0-3. Come out and support the Sabers tonight at 5:30 pm against Salem Baptist!


Junior Varsity Volleyball

On Friday, September 15th, the Sabers JV volleyball team had a game against Calvary Day School. While CDS did win 2-0, the Lady Sabers put up a good fight and made some great plays that changed the momentum of the game. For the Sabers, Lillian Giles had three aces, Izzy Pare had two aces and one assist, Breanna Allison had one kill and Caroline Drupka had four aces and a block.

Monday, September 18th saw the Sabers JV volleyball team take on Forsyth Country Day. The Lady Sabers managed to snag a set away from FCD but succumb to them, leaving FCD to take home a 2-1 win over the Lady Sabers. The Sabers left everything out on the court and played with intensity. Lillian Giles recorded 10 aces, while teammates Blythe Hudson had five aces, Breanna Allison had one kill and six digs, Angelina Pierre had three digs and Tochi Okoli had two aces and two kills.

The Sabers JV volleyball team had a game against Calvary Day School on Tuesday, September 19th. The Sabers hit a rough patch at the beginning of the match but overcame and stuck with Calvary the whole time, making them fight for every point. Calvary did win 2-0 but the JV volleyball girls gave them a run for their money. Lillian Giles had seven aces, Breanna Allison had five aces and three digs and Caroline Drupka had four aces. The team has a home game today at 4:30 pm against Salem Baptist so come and show your support for the Lady Sabers.


Varsity Field Hockey

On Friday, September 15th  the varsity team traveled to Forsyth Country Day School.  FCDS put the pressure on early with a quick offense. With FCDS scoring the majority of their goals in the first half (5-0), Salem’s defense was ready to push back for the second half. Amira Rady and Mackenzie Culp defended the outside and put the pressure on their offense. Lucy Calaway was able to get the ball away from the FCDS defense on several occasions, giving  Makayla McFadden and Kelly Nesser opportunities to move the game back up the field to the Saber’s offense.

With Salem’s defense coming back strong in the second half, forwards Jadyn Loftin and Parker Lacewell were quick to move the ball forward towards the goal. With assistance from Jadyn and Parker, Carry Liu moved down the field to take a shot on goal. The offensive efforts were countered with a strong defense and goalie on the FCDS side. Despite coming home with a 6-0 loss, the Sabers were able to improve defensively and learned to play smart when facing a faster team.  

The Sabers were back home for the St. Mary’s game on Tuesday, September 19th.  The defense put a lot of effort into pushing back on the SMS offense. With Emma Maddrey at the back and Amira Rady and Mackenzie Culp on the outside, the team was able to put a lot of pressure on their offense. However, with quick passes and a lot of players moving forward, SMS  got the ball to the goal and ended the first half with a score of 5-0.

In the second half, the offense was able to move the ball forward with the help of Breanna Sorrells and Carry Liu. Jadyn Loftin moved the ball down towards the goal with support from Carry and Parker Lacewell. SMS fought back with a strong defense and was able to move the ball back down the field, giving their offense the opportunity to score. Kelly Nesser worked hard to attack and give the ball back to the attackers. The efforts were met with smart plays by the SMS offense. It was a tough game, resulting in a 9-0 loss to the SMS Saints. The Sabers kept their heads high and fought hard until the finish. 


Junior Varsity Field Hockey

The JV team faced St. Mary’s at home on Tuesday, September 19th. The Sabers started off with a strong defense and were playing even with SMS. Lucy Price played well on defense and moved the ball up the field and away from the SMS offense.  With help from Kennedy Conner, the Sabers remained on offense as forwards Jadyn Loftin and Parker Lacewell made efforts to put the ball in the goal. Met with a strong goalie, the Sabers were put back on defense as SMS moved the ball back towards the goal. Goalie Catherine Davila had some great saves and cleared the ball out to her defense and midfielders.

Mackenzie Culp and Amira Rady kept the pressure on the SMS offense and Lucy Calaway worked hard to keep the ball away from the Saber’s goal. The team was defeated 4-0 but was able to play evenly with the SMS Saints for the majority of the game. The Sabers continue to show great improvements as the defense becomes stronger and the offense gains speed. 




Friday, September 22nd

Varsity Field Hockey vs. Webb School, 4:30

Junior Varsity Field Hockey vs. Webb School, 5:45

Varsity Volleyball vs. Salem Baptist, 5:30

Junior Varsity Volleyball vs. Salem Baptist, 4:30

Junior Varsity Tennis vs. Summit, 4:00


Monday, September  25th

Varsity Field Hockey vs. Greensboro Day School, 4:30

Varsity Volleyball vs. Greensboro Day School, 5:30

Junior Varsity Volleyball vs. Greensboro Day School, 4:00

Varsity Tennis vs. Greensboro Day School, 4:00

Junior Varsity Tennis vs. Greensboro Day School, 4:00


Tuesday, September 26th

Varsity Volleyball vs. Westchester Country Day School, 4:30

Varsity Tennis at Westchester Country Day School, 4:00


Wednesday, September 27th

Varsity Field Hockey vs. Asheville School, 4:30 


Thursday, September 28th

Cross Country vs. TAC schools, 5:00

Varsity Tennis vs. Caldwell Academy, 4:00

Varsity Field Hockey at Summit, 5:15

Junior Varsity Field Hockey at Summit, 4:15

Varsity Volleyball at American Hebrew Academy, 4:30

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