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Week of August 18, 2017

From Interim Head of School, Miss T

Dear All,

A new school year is upon us and shortly we will have everyone back on campus for a wonderful year of learning and living. For those of you traveling to Salem over the weekend, safe travels to you. We look forward to greeting all of you upon your arrival.

For new students, we so look forward to having you join the Salem family. For returning students, we are excited for your return to your Salem family.

We are anxiously awaiting having the entire Salem family together for a fantastic year! Bring your enthusiasm and Purple/Gold spirit and we will have a great adventure together for the 2017-2018 school year.


Take care,

Miss T


Jan Term Trip to Great Britain

There’s still room for YOU on the 2018 JanTerm Trip to Great Britain!  All new and returning students and parents are welcome!


The Salem Academy Math Department would like to invite you on a fantastic journey as we explore Great Britain during JanTerm 2018:  Spend two nights in Edinburgh and Glasgow, one night in the Scottish Highlands, two nights in the English countryside, and three nights in the heart of London.  Walk through the amazing palaces of monarchs from William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II. Stand in the shadow of monumental Stonehenge and marvel at ancient treasures in the British Museum.  Dive into Scottish history and learn about the great struggles between the Scots and the English.  Humbly explore the grand churches of Britain, including Westminster Abbey, the home church of the British Monarchy.  Take a ride on the towering London Eye Ferris Wheel high above the River Thames.  Hear the words of Shakespeare in the modern Globe Theater and visit the town of his birth. Relive the lives and music of the Beatles in their hometown.

Travel dates of our 12-day tour are January 4th through January 15th, 2018.  For pricing and other details about the trip, please view the attached itinerary.  A meeting will be held for any interested students and parents on Saturday, August 19th from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm in the auditorium.  Feel free to direct any questions regarding this trip to either Kris Sorrells or Amanda Malatlian.  We would love to have your company on this exciting excursion!

School Events Calendar 2017-2018

Welcome back from the college counseling corner

For those of you who may not yet know me, my name is Kevin Sellers, and I serve as Salem’s Director of College Counseling. I am going into my fifth year in this role, and am amazed every day at how much the college admissions world has evolved, even in that short amount of time. As an effort stay ahead, I am making some changes to the college counseling program beginning this school year. As many of you are aware, in the past, the “formal” program really did not begin for students until the Spring of their 11th-grade year. I found it more and more evident over the past couple of years, that this was really not as effective as it could be. Therefore, I plan on introducing some of the lessons/seminars previously crammed into one semester of the junior year, earlier in our student’s high school career. It is my hope to get both you, as parents, and your daughters some of the essential knowledge needed, earlier to result in a smoother, less anxiety producing process. Below is a tentative timeline for each grade level as we progress through the year. As always, please let me know if you have questions; I can be reached at kevin.sellers@salem.edu.I look forward to working with all of you and your daughters!


Kevin Sellers

Salem Academy

College Counseling Program Timeline

9th Grade

October - Take the PSAT

February - Interpreting PSAT results

April - Summer preparation - Finding a passion and beginning to set yourself apart

10th Grade

October - Take the PSAT

January (Jan Term Trip) - Tentative plan to visit two college campuses

February - Interpreting PSAT results

February - Campus visit lesson (How to make the most of it)

March - Introduction to Naviance Family Connection

11th Grade

September - Reintroduction to Naviance Family Connection/Review of campus visit lesson

September (Parents Weekend) - Parent meeting to talk about Naviance and the year in general

October (Monday, 10/2) - College Fair at the Benton Convention Center downtown

October - Take the PSAT

October - Standardized testing lesson

November - Mock college application review

February - Interpreting PSAT results

March - The Common App lesson/Admissions interviews lesson

April - College application essays lesson/Financial Aid and Scholarships lesson

January through May - Individual one on one student meetings (required)

January through May - Individual parent/family meetings (upon request but heavily encouraged)

12th Grade

August - General review to cover many topics including but not limited to, Common App and Regular application progress, deadlines of different application types, transcript requests, letter(s) of recommendation requests, campus visit programs, etc.

September (Parents Weekend) - Tentative plan to have parent meeting for Q&A if scheduling permits

August through December - Individual one on one meetings (required)


Sign Up For Emergency Notifications

Greetings Salem Academy Community,

I am writing to inform and remind each of you of Salem’s emergency notification system.  As part of our emergency preparedness plan, Salem Academy utilizes a variety of methods to communicate urgent messages.  These systems include an outside audible warning system, text and telephone messaging service, emails and web alerts. Salem may use one or more of these methods in the event of a significant emergency that may pose a threat to the health or safety of the community. We also use the text messaging system to communicate changes in schedule due to inclement weather.

If you are new to the community or have not registered your cell phone to receive campus-wide emergency notifications, I urge you to register now by clicking here.  All campus numbers are registered through the system and these extensions will receive a voice alert once one is issued. Register today so that you will be included in our test within the next two weeks.


Athletics Update

            How did you spend your last week of summer? The Salem Academy fall student-athletes had their own idea of how to cherish the last few days of relaxation.  Rather than relaxing by the pool or at the beach, these athletes chose to move into the dorms and dedicate their last week of summer to bettering themselves and strengthening their team.

As the forty-five cross-country, field hockey, tennis and volleyball athletes moved into their rooms, the athletic staff was on Bryant Patio preparing for the Preseason Kickoff Barbecue. With Mr. Will from the kitchen manning the grill, the athletes gathered for a wonderful meal. Hamburgers and hot dogs were devoured, and after we ate, student-athletes met with their coaches and relaxed by the pool catching up with old friends.

            Tuesday morning came with an early wake-up call, breakfast at the Academy dining hall, grueling morning fitness and a two and a half hour practice.  Lunch was a good time to cool off and refuel for a two and a half hour afternoon practice. Temperatures soared into the mid 90’s. Athletes pushed each other through drills, cheered each other on through fitness testing, and demanded the best of themselves and their teammates. 

            The rest of the week followed a similar rigorous schedule.  The athletes persevered through endless practices and were rewarded with fun evening activities. On Tuesday, student/athletes boarded buses to the BB&T baseball field to watch the Winston Salem Dash.  Wednesday evening the girls relaxed and watched the movie Miracle in the Academy auditorium.  Athletes consumed large amounts of theater candy. Thursday evening brought us much needed relaxation at Westwood Swim Club for a pizza party and meeting new day students.  By day, the Salem Academy Fall athletes could be found running, jumping, swinging and outpacing their competition. By night, they were nursing blisters, stretching sore muscles, and hydrating in preparation for the next day.

Friday brought the last day of practices and a great sigh of relief from the fatigued athletes.  Following afternoon practice, Salem’s 11th annual preseason came to an end.  The athletes departed on Friday with an inspired sense of team unity and Salem pride.  Good Luck to all of the Fall Athletes in their upcoming season! Your hard work and devotion make Salem proud!


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