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Week of May 26, 2017

From Interim Head of School, Miss T

Dear All,

The end of the year is upon us and we are in a whirlwind of activity. The Seniors are alternately excited out of their minds and anxious about what is to come. The other students are feeling the same way. We have a full weekend of activities which reinforce those feelings. The excitement of winning awards, showing off one’s artwork, singing in a final concert, and the graduation ceremony itself all lend themselves to the feelings of jubilation and the glimpses of what is to come.

 Last Friday, we had our Closing Chapel which is the last internal event our Salem family has together. The events of this weekend are public and external, including all of our extended family and friends. At Closing Chapel we celebrated the year that has gone by, we looked forward to next year with the installation of the Student Government officers. We recognized those girls elected by their peers to receive the Citizenship Honor Award. Senior Stella McAuley gave a wonderful speech about her vision of the school year and the positive lessons learned through change and growth.

I always see the end of a school year as a time of looking forward but also of reflection, a time when one can contemplate what one wants to accomplish in the future, but also a time of thinking and remembering what has gone before so that the lessons learned stay within and can be used for future growth.

 During this year the students have all made memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. Some are silly, others sad. Some are fun and others enlightening. Whatever type of memory is taken away will have taught something, and isn’t that the reason students are here? To learn!

 The students increased their knowledge base with all that was learned in classes from their exceptional teachers. They wrote papers, gave oral reports, took tests and exams, read books, created projects, and the list goes on and on. They know so much more now than they did when they arrived in August, no matter which classes were taken.

However, education did not just come from the classes. The students have been involved in so many things – sports, music, theatre, art, clubs, student government, Robotics, Model UN, and this list goes on and on, as well. Every activity taught something, whether it was sportsmanship, technical skills, commitment to a project, teamwork—all such valuable lessons to be taken on the life journey. Some of the things learned were hard and painful and taught what not to do and some were glorious and gave a fabulous feeling of accomplishment. Both lessons are invaluable to a person and will help growth and change as each girl makes her way in the world.

 Last Friday, I asked each person, as they left the auditorium, to reflect on their year. To be thankful for the opportunities that have been given, to be grateful to those who made this education possible – parents, teachers, coaches, friends, and to be mindful of the responsibility that each has been given – to be a leader of our world and ever mindful of the changes that an individual can make to make this world a better place. I have every confidence in our students and am glad that they are going to be in charge of my world.

 So please come and celebrate with us this weekend as we recognize the achievements of these wonderful students. They have worked hard and deserve our praise, support, and congratulations. We will come together for these special events and then we will go out into the world to spread the Salem Spirit of courage, kindness, and goodwill to all that we meet.

I wish each of you a wonderful Salem weekend and a fantastic summer of rest and relaxation.

 All my best,


Mary Lorick Thompson

Interim Head of School


Report Cards

Fourth-Quarter Report Cards will be available on the Parent Portal on June 2, 2017.  Please remember; if there is an outstanding balance on a student account, her grades, comments, and transcript will not be available until those balances are paid. Please contact the Business Office @ 336-917-5445 if you have a question about your account.


Graduation Weekend Schedule

Friday, May 26th

  • Recognition Assembly      Hanes Auditorium - 4:30 p.m. - required for all students.  All parents are encouraged to attend.
  • Senior & Parent Dinner   Bryant Hall - 5:45 p.m. – this is for seniors and their families.  There’s no charge for the first 5 guests ($10/person after that)  Reservations requested - contact Lauren Rogers, Dean of Students.
  • Art Show Reception         Fine Arts Center - 7:00 p.m.
  •  Glee Club Spring Concert Fine Arts Center, Hanes Auditorium - 8:00 p.m. Open to the public.
  • Senior Fest                        The Commons - 10:00 p.m.-12:30 a.m.  A dance and celebration for all students, families, friends, faculty and staff.


Saturday, May 27th

  • Graduation                       May Dell, 10:00 a.m. Required for all student (Hanes Auditorium, Fine Arts Center, if rain)
  • Reception                          Academy Front Lawn (after graduation)

***Attendance at Recognition Assembly, and Graduation is required of all students.

Parents' Association and DaDs — We appreciate you!

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students, we wish to extend our thanks to all of those involved in one way or another with the Parents’ Association throughout the 2016-2017 school year. Many have enjoyed your support and your edible goodies brought to school. Under the amazing guidance of Kim Cardwell, you brightened our busy days as we taught your daughters.  

The DaDs organization has spent many fun hours over a hot griddle or a hot grill, cooking delicious treats for hungry students and they have made memories in doing so. Many DaDs members, under the leadership of Alex Hudson, have met at the Academy regularly throughout this year to stay connected and to learn.

From all of us at Salem Academy, thank you so much for your involvement and being a part of our community.  We hope to see many of you involved in these ways next year.





Student Artists of the Month

The Salem Academy Fine Arts Department has had the honor of awarding Student Artist of the Month through the Arts Council of Winston-Salem Forsyth County. Each month an honoree is featured in the Winston-Salem Journal and on the Arts Council Website. Please congratulate these ladies for their outstanding contributions and leadership to the arts programs at Salem Academy.



March Recognition

Alexis Hubbard

Salem Academy

SAM Coordinator: Maria Robinson

Nominating Teacher: Maria Robinson

Arts Discipline: Visual Art

Grade: 12

GPA/QPA: 3.57


What is your favorite part of the arts genre in which you were selected? My favorite part about 2D art is the ability to manipulate and create something better than what I started with. I am currently finishing an AP Art Portfolio which features altered photographs of my sister, who dances ballet. I have redesigned her outfits using prints and patterns I have collected through my travels around the world and my love for style.

Where would you most like to attend college and what might be your major? I actually know where I will be attending college! I am excited to announce that next year I will be heading to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I plan to study my absolute favorite subject: Fashion Management and Marketing!

What is your proudest artistic accomplishment? My proudest artistic accomplishment is definitely my AP Portfolio which I have created this year. I have put so much time into perfecting the 24 pieces I have to send for scoring that it is going to be hard for me to let it go! The fact that I can feature my sister and explore fashion even further makes me that much more happy with how it has turned out.

How will the arts influence your future career? Arts will be the core of my future career because I want to work in a fashion field. In five years I hope to be living in New York City and working at either a small PR firm or a magazine company, building my way up to the corporate level. I will be able to use my art knowledge to make decisions about color, texture, and really all the elements and principles that I have learned throughout my many years of art.



April Recognition

Laura Browne

Salem Academy

SAM Coordinator: Maria Robinson

Nominating Teacher: Kerry Lawson

Arts Discipline: Theatre

Grade: 12

GPA/QPA: 4.3



What is your favorite part of the arts genre in which you were selected? Theatre has always been an incredible experience for me not only because it gives you the opportunity to express your emotions, but it also helps you to meet new people and make new friends. The main advantage of participating in theatre is that it allows one to have the ability to enlighten and entertain others while having fun.

Where would you most like to attend college and what might be your major? Next year, I will be attending UNC Asheville and plan on majoring in Mass Communications.

What is your proudest artistic accomplishment? I am probably most proud of my most recent role as Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream because I put a lot of effort into making the role realistic. I worked hard to get to know the actress playing Hermia (Lysander’s love interest) and even wrote her love letters as my character. I had so much fun with all of the cast and crew, and was so pleased with the way the show turned out.​

How will the arts influence your future career? Although I don’t plan on incorporating theatre into my career, skills I have learned from theatre like public speaking and teamwork will help contribute to what I want to do.


May Recognition

Sandra Wang

Salem Academy

SAM Coordinator: Maria Robinson

Nominating Teacher: Joy Rushton

Arts Discipline: Choral

Grade: 12

GPA/QPA: 3.99



What is your favorite part of the arts genre in which you were selected?

I really enjoy singing all kinds of music at Glee Club from church music to pop music.

Where would you most like to attend college and what might be your major? I will be going to Wake Forest University this fall and I might be majoring in Accounting.

What is your proudest artistic accomplishment?

I introduced the Chinese song “Grateful Heart” to Glee Club’s Spring concert last year. I translated the song from Chinese to English and helped my Glee Club buddies learn the song.

How will the arts influence your future career?

In my future life, I would like to continue singing with choral groups and share the beauty of music with more people.


National Spanish Honor Society

It is our pleasure to announce and welcome the 2016-2017 inductees for the National Spanish Honor Society.  Membership is limited to those who students who have completed at least four consecutive semesters of Spanish at Salem Academy.  Candidates have distinguished themselves scholastically in Spanish and have demonstrated a deep interest the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

The following students have met the qualifications and have been selected for induction on Thursday, May 18th:


Felicitaciones, chicas!

JanTerm Trip to Great Britain

The Salem Academy Math Department would like to invite you on a fantastic journey as we explore Great Britain during JanTerm 2018:  Spend two nights in Edinburgh and Glasgow, one night in the Scottish Highlands, two nights in the English countryside, and three nights in the heart of London.  Walk through the amazing palaces of monarchs from William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II. Stand in the shadow of monumental Stonehenge and marvel at ancient treasures in the British Museum.  Dive into Scottish history and learn about the great struggles between the Scots and the English.  Humbly explore the grand churches of Britain, including Westminster Abbey, the home church of the British Monarchy.  Take a ride on the towering London Eye Ferris Wheel high above the River Thames.  Hear the words of Shakespeare in the modern Globe Theater and visit the town of his birth. Relive the lives and music of the Beatles in their hometown.

Tentative travel dates of our 12-day tour are January 4th through January 15th, 2018.  For pricing and other details about the trip, click here.  Feel free to direct any questions regarding this trip to either Kris Sorrells or Amanda Malatlian.  We would love to have your company on this exciting excursion!


Athletics Update


Varsity Track and Field

The Sabers had a very eventful weekend at the 3A State Championships, held at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The girls 4x800 of Lillian Giles, Natalia Lindo, Layla Hibma, and Alia Agee, ran a personal best of over 30 seconds with the time of 11:30.62, and placed 10th overall.The 4x400 relay team of Taylor Marshall, Natalia Lindo, Layla Hibma, and Alia Agee, ran a season-best time of 4:36.86. This was an almost 10-second personal record.  


Praise Idika (pictured below) came in 2nd place in the high jump with a jump of 5’.


Taylor Marshall had a season-best time of 50.18 seconds, placing 5th overall, which is a three second PR.  Freshman Lucy Calaway placed 7th in the discus with a throw of 88’.



Of course, it would not be a track wrap up without mentioning the Field MVP, Uche Okoh(pictured below). On her final throw of the competition, which was also a Saber-career ending throw of 34’ 7”,  she set a new school record and moved into medal contention with a 2nd place finish.   


The amazing thing about this meet is that all of the ladies showed up! They ran some of their best times and threw or jumped some of their top marks. As their head coach, Coach Henighan is so very proud of them for having an amazing season and never giving up once.


Congratulations, Sabers!! The coaches are SO proud of you!


Fall Preseason

Salem Academy offers volleyball, field hockey, cross country, and tennis in the fall of each year. If your daughter is interested in continuing to participate in one of these sports, please read and return this form, along with a medical clearance form to Ms. Howard by August 7th. The clearance forms can be found online under Student Forms on the Academy’s website. If your daughter has not participated in one of these sports and wishes to tryout, she will have this opportunity once school begins but preseason is a time for experienced athletes in a given sport.




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