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Week of May 19, 2017

From Interim Head of School, Miss T

Dear All,

As the exam period begins, I am reflecting on what makes a Salem student, and the word that immediately comes to mind is commitment. These girls are committed to their education, to studying hard, and doing their best. They want to succeed, and they are willing to work hard for positive results. This sense of commitment manifests itself in all area of their lives, as seen by their involvement in academic work, in activities, in sports, and the list goes on.

Today and tomorrow, Salem has 15 girls, who are members of the track team, headed to Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C., for the State track meet. These are girls who are committed to their team and to representing their school, but they are also committed to their studies and made all arrangements necessary for the rescheduling of their exams. This is commitment – to be willing to postpone exams for the sake of their team. I am sure that they would much prefer to take their exams as scheduled but are willing to make the sacrifice for the sake of their commitment to the team. It goes without saying, that to qualify for the State meet takes an abundance of commitment to training and preparation.

Last Monday, we had history character day and the members of the AP U.S. history classes dressed up as historical characters. Of course, this was a fun activity for them, but it shows how committed they are to their school work. They work hard and study long hours, but can take pleasure in applying what they have learned. They enjoy showing off their knowledge of these historical characters when asked about their choices. The residual effect is that the other students are interested in the history involved and it makes them think about a choice they might make in a similar situation, and they recognize that putting oneself wholeheartedly into their subject gives very positive results.

Yesterday, we dedicated the Quill Pen, the Academy’s yearbook. It was dedicated to Mr. Danny Solomon, one of our housekeeping staff. Mr. Solomon has been at the Academy for 19 years, and through that time he has come to know the students and they have grown to know and love him. The student body voted on this honor. They recognize commitment when they see it. Mr. Danny works hard and does all that he can to make their environment a better place for their activities and learning. He will leave no job half-done, and they see the intensity with which he works and the meticulous attention to detail that he gives every task.

Commitment. A character trait worth possessing and I think that our Salem Academy students both possess it and recognize it. They have committed themselves to this school year and for making it the best that it can be. We need to encourage them to maintain their commitment for one more week as they take their exams. Then they need to commit themselves to having fun and doing some relaxing during the summer – a well-earned reward for their hard work.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing many of you here next week.

Take care,


Mary Lorick Thompson

Interim Head of School

Quill Pen Dedication



On Thursday, this year’s Quill Pen yearbook was unveiled at the Publications Assembly. The theme concept was created and designed by editors Kadie Hicks and Emma Maddrey. When choosing the theme the editors came up with the title “This is Our Home,” based on the idea that Salem Academy is such a special place that truly feels like home to the students.

Each year each student chooses one faculty or staff member whom they believe should earn the yearbook dedication. The nominations are tallied and the book is dedicated to the person with the most nominations. This year there was an overwhelming choice.

Kadie and Emma presented this year’s recipient of the yearbook dedication with the following speech:

Here are some quotes which the students wrote in support of their nomination:

  • “He is here every day working just as hard as the teachers. He helps Salem feel like a community and like a home. He never gets recognized for his work like he should.”
  • “He does so much for us and he really does make Salem the place it is. His spirit and drive to work hard is something I admire so much.”
  • “He is so selfless in his actions, works so hard, and is super amazing. He’s such a nice person and really does care about students at Salem”

For nineteen years this man has shown true dedication to Salem. He works tirelessly to make Salem a home because a house is not a home without behind-the-scenes attention to detail. The true unsung hero of Salem Academy and the man whom this year’s book is dedicated to is Danny Solomon, affectionately known as Mr. Danny.

The second Mr. Danny’s name was read, students and faculty alike rose to their feet for a loud and boisterous round of applause. One student said afterward, “That was the best part of my day. I couldn’t help but cry because Mr. Danny is so deserving of the dedication.” Congratulations Mr. Danny and thank you for all you do to make Salem Academy a home!




The Yearbook Cover.

FullSizeRender (13).jpg

Mr. Danny receiving a framed copy of the dedication page and this year’s yearbook.



Editors Kadie Hicks and Emma Maddrey with Mr. Danny.



Mr. Danny!


DADs Pancake Breakfast is Tomorrow

From 9:00-10:30 a.m. the DADs group will serve pancakes to the students in the Academy Rec Room.  At 1:00 that afternoon, the girls will have their first spring exam (English), and it’s become a tradition for the DADs group to help them get the day started with a little sustenance.

Exam Schedule

           Saturday, May 20        1:00 pm         English

           Sunday, May 21                                  Reading Day

           Monday, May 22         1:00 pm         History

           Tuesday, May 23         1:00 pm         Language

           Wednesday, May 24    1:00 pm         Science

           Thursday, May 25       1:00 pm         Math


Friday, May 26th

Baccalaureate                Home Moravian Church (on the square in Old Salem) - 11:00 a.m.                                              This event is required for all students

President’s Reception    Rondthaler-Gramley House - noon (for seniors and their families)

Recognition Assembly      Hanes Auditorium - 4:30 pm - required for all students.  All parents are encouraged to attend.

Senior & Parent Dinner   Bryant Hall - 5:45 pm – this is for seniors and their families.  There’s no charge for the first 5 guests ($10/person after that)  Reservations requested - contact Lauren Rogers, Dean of Students.

Art Show Reception         Fine Arts Center - 7:00 pm

Glee Club Spring Concert Fine Arts Center, Hanes Auditorium - 8:00 pm Open to the public.

Senior Fest                        The Commons - 10:00 pm-12:30 am  A dance and celebration for all students, families, friends, faculty and staff.


Saturday, May 27th

Graduation                       May Dell, 10:00 am Required for all student (Hanes auditorium, Fine Arts Center, if rain)

Reception                          Academy Front Lawn (after graduation)

***Attendance at Baccalaureate, Recognition Assembly, and Graduation is required of all students.

2018 JanTerm Trip to Great Britain

The Salem Academy Math Department would like to invite you on a fantastic journey as we explore Great Britain during JanTerm 2018:  Spend two nights in Edinburgh and Glasgow, one night in the Scottish Highlands, two nights in the English countryside, and three nights in the heart of London. Walk through the amazing palaces of monarchs from William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II. Stand in the shadow of monumental Stonehenge and marvel at ancient treasures in the British Museum. Dive into Scottish history and learn about the great struggles between the Scots and the English. Humbly explore the grand churches of Britain, including Westminster Abbey, the home church of the British Monarchy. Take a ride on the towering London Eye Ferris Wheel high above the River Thames. Hear the words of Shakespeare in the modern Globe Theater and visit the town of his birth. Relive the lives and music of the Beatles in their hometown.

Tentative travel dates of our 12-day tour are January 4th through January 15th, 2018. For pricing and other details about the trip, please view the attached itinerary. Feel free to direct any questions regarding this trip to either Kris Sorrells or Amanda Malatlian. We would love to have your company on this exciting excursion!


Upcoming Events and Announcements

Upcoming Activities

US History Character Social

Mr. Royster’s AP US History and US History classes held their annual History Character Social on Monday, May 15. Students chose a person or character type (cowboy, flapper, hippie, etc.) from American history to portray in class. They were also required to bring a food or drink themed to their character or person. A fun time was had by all!



AP - History Character Social 4th Period.jpg

AP US History Fourth Period

Back row, from right: Vietnam antiwar protestor, John Quincy Adams, Amelia Earhart, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Annie Oakley, a cowboy on the Chisholm Trail, William Jennings Bryan, Huey P. Long, and Woodrow Wilson. Front row: San Francisco politician and gay rights activist Harvey Milk, a member of the “Little Rock Nine” who integrated Central High in Little Rock in 1957, rocker Janis Joplin, Audrey Hepburn, a Black Panther, a Quaker colonist in Pennsylvania, Elvis Presley, and a Salem witch awaiting trial.


AP - History Character Social 3rd Period.jpg

AP US History Third Period

Back row, from right: Roaring Twenties flapper, Babe Ruth, Dr. Hattie Elizabeth Alexander ( a pioneer in using antibiotics to fight disease), Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, Astronaut Neil Armstrong, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dolly Parton, Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling. Front row: Harriet Tubman, Rachel Carson (founder of the modern environmentalist movement), First Lady “Lemonade” Lucy Hayes.

US History Character Social - 6th Period US History.JPG

US History Sixth Period

Back row, from right: Oregon Trail pioneer, Union Civil War soldier, 1930s New York City mafia boss “Lucky” Luciano, 1960s hippie, Babe Ruth. Front row: Prohibition-era speakeasy owner, Tituba of Salem Witch Trials fame, Amelia Earhart, and James Dean.

US History Character Social - 1st Period.JPGUS History First Period

From right: Squanto, 1930s Depression/Dust Bowl homeless person, Theodore Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller, 1950s suburban homemaker, pop singer Donna Summer, and 1920s mafia gangster.

Chinese Movie Showcase


On May 12, students in Mandarin classes hosted a movie showcase for their Chinese film projects. They discussed the movie “Mulan” and “Our Times” both in Mandarin and English. All did a good job presenting their “remakes” to our guests. If you are interested in their films, please visit our class website (sign in with a Salem Account):



Grace, Blythe, and Bella were sharing their reflections after watching Mulan in Mandarin.



Mandarin students and the teacher, right to left: Julia Ellis, Bianca Minter, Blythe Hudson, Annabelle Hartwich, Grace Prest, Carolina Norris, Nyla Rogers, Ana Grace Sapp, Diana Bishop, Paula Maria Gomez Lucas, Mrs. Liu, and Alexandra Byers.


Grassroots: May Edition

You don’t want to miss our final issue of Grassroots for the 2016-2017 school year! We’ve got some great reads that perfectly wrap up an awesome year at Salem Academy from a summer fashion guide to exam prep tips! Check it out!

From Development and Alumnae Relations

The Academy Annual Fund is all about giving back. There are many good role models in our halls, in our homes, and across our globe. The Academy Alumnae Board celebrated the Class of 2017 recently. Board members enjoyed a fun lunch with our soon-to-be graduates. Members of the Class of 2017 contributed $280 to the Annual Fund and those that gave participated in a raffle drawing for prizes. The class had a participation rate of 56 percent. Well done, ladies!


Attention: Parents of Rising Seniors

Emails should have reached you to invite you to participate in two different bid opportunities. You’re invited to bid on preferred seating and parking at Graduation 2018 or choose to bid on the use of the Rondthaler-Gramley House during Graduation 2018. Be on the lookout for two separate communications and deadlines within. May 2018 will be here before you know it!


2017 National Art Honor Society Summer Gallery

Congratulations to Vivian Wang, A’17 for the honor of having her artwork titled “Drone” juried into the 2017 Summer NAEA Gallery & Studio Exhibition. The NAEA received 767 submissions. Vivian’s work was one of 60 works selected and it will be on display at the NAEA Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia June 5 - September 15, 2017. Check out Vivian’s work on display if you are in the D.C. area this summer!

Salem Academy Visual Art Department Exhibition


Adobe Spark (11).jpg


Don’t forget to come out to the Spring Bash on Saturday, May 20th from 5:00 - 7:30 pm!  Stop in, grab some great food, and then satisfy your sweet tooth with ice cream.  Also, there will be live music, yoga, and face painting! All food and activities will be on the front lawn of Salem Academy.  


This event is open to all! Please feel free to bring friends and family to this event.  For more information about the food trucks that will be present, click on the links below.


An example of the ice cream bar for the Spring Bash!


Athletics Update


Academy Spring Dance Concert

The Salem Academy Dance Company held their third annual dance concert on Saturday, May 13th. The dancers performed various styles of dance, including jazz, contemporary, and ballet. They also had alumna Anra Moore A’16 perform several dances with the current students. In late August, classes will be open to students of any level. Come join the dance team!


Triple Saber Athlete

Senior Uche Okoh (pictured below) was awarded the Salem’s Triple Saber Athlete. This award is earned by an athlete who has played a sport each season all four years while at the Academy. Uche has distinguished herself as a scholar athlete. Uche is a member of the Triad Athletic Conference  Academic All-Conference team. She is president of the Honor Cabinet and a member of the National Honor Society. She has been a member of the tennis, basketball and track teams receiving the Most Valuable Player in track and field. She was also named to the All-Conference team for her performance in the shot put.


Academic All-Conference

On Friday, May 11th, the Triad Athletic Academic All-Conference honors were announced. Congratulations to the following scholar athletes:


Carolina Norris                                             Abbey Linnell

Angelina Pierre                                            Stelina Gjeci

Makenna Hartwich                                      Andreea Benderschi

Caroline Harman                                         Courtney Clawson

Lucy Calaway                                               Sidnee Everhart

Lucy Price                                                     Daniella Kapural

Maggie Campbell                                         Sofia Kremidas

Amira Rady                                                   Katy Callewart

Jenae Edwards                                            Stella McAuley

Miracle Etimandy                                         Uche Okoh

Lillian Giles                                                   Grace Prest

Grace Gould                                                 Emmy Harman

Ashley Hart                                                   Libby Tawes

Favor Idika

Praise Idika

Natalia Lindo

Carry Liu

Kelly Nesser

Abigail Wucherer

Emma Auch

Charlotte Dorn

Alexandra Maycock

Gillianne Norris

Breanna Sorrells

Amanda Na


College Bound Athletes

Kadie Hicks (pictured below) is headed to Sewanee: The University of the South to play field hockey for the Mighty Tigers. Kadie was a four-year member of the Salem Academy field hockey team where she was awarded most valuable player. Kadie has been the Sabers goalie for the past four years. Congratulations Kadie, we know you will make Salem proud!



Taylor Marshall (pictured below) will take her track talent and head to Catawba College. She has been a three-year member of the basketball and track teams.  She was awarded Most Valuable Track Runner at this year’s spring athletic awards picnic.  Taylor has qualified for states in the 100-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles, long jump and triple jump.  Way to go, Taylor!


Upcoming Events

Friday and Saturday, May 19th & 20th-

Varsity Track and Field- NCISAA State Meet- Winthrop University


NCISAA Track and Field Championship Schedule


500 East Salem Ave | Winston-Salem, NC 27101 | 1-877-40SALEM