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Week of November 3, 2017

From Interim Head of School, Miss T

Dear All,

Today, a new office opened on campus, the Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Compliance, which will serve both the students of the Academy and the College. When I announced it to our students, they cheered and clapped. Dr. Shawn Ricks is the new Assistant Vice President and in this role, she will be providing programming and counsel for our students in the areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Last year, we hired the services of a marketing firm to help us with the telling of the Salem story to potential students and their families. Their first order of business was to learn as much about Salem as possible, and of course, one of the most important factors is who we are. Who are our students, where do they come from, what are their needs? There is Nielsen rating scale used in market segmentation research that was applied to Salem Academy. There are sixty-six segments on the scale. Most independent schools have about seven to nine segments represented in their student body. Salem has forty-six, making us an extremely diverse school.

This diversity is a strength for Salem, bringing a richness to the Salem experience that would be hard to duplicate elsewhere. Our world gets smaller and smaller, with folks moving around from place to place, working with people from many places, and traveling to other parts of the world for business. For students to begin to experience this diversity in their high school will stand them in good stead for what their world will have to offer. They will have already experienced the world of diversity and reaped some of the benefits of living and working with people of all types, from many cultures and geographic locations, and experiencing the different outlooks that people have.

However, along with the strengths of this diverse community, there are also challenges. This community of many outlooks and opinions must work and live together in harmony to successfully complete the goal of a superior education. We frequently compare Salem to a family and as we know, all families sometimes have disputes and differences of opinion. The strength of the family lies in how one works through the conflicts and frictions of the differences. We do the same here in the Salem family. When there are differences of opinion, we talk through them. If there is a difference of practice or behavior, all work together to find common ground. Everyone must be respected and valued and everyone must feel included in the community. Salem is not a perfect place, as no place is, but we are a place that values individuality (and we have lots of individuality to value), honor, integrity, and respect for all.

It is hard and constant work to make all of these things come together for the benefit of the community. There are many people involved in this process, and it is wonderful that we now have another person on staff to help with this process and our mission, to educate each of our students to be respectful, knowledgeable, and honorable people. The road can be long but the journey is worth the work. We thank each of you for sharing your daughter and for helping to provide the diversity that we see as an integral part of what Salem is.

My best to all of you,

Mary Lorick Thompson

Interim Head of School


Fundraiser for Students from Dominica


Dominica Shirts.JPG

Please help us support our students from Dominica and their families as they continue to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. All proceeds will be donated to Dominica relief efforts. This fundraiser was organized by our students in solidarity with their Salem Sisters from Dominica. Currently students are selling the two t-shirts pictured above through Special T’s, a screen print and graphic design studio, in coordination with one of our very own Academy parents. Thank you for your support!

January Term On Campus Course Information

Jan. Term is fast approaching, and freshman and sophomores will register for their on-campus courses on Wednesday, November 8.  Our talented faculty members are offering a range of opportunities for students.  Please take a few minutes to read about the course offerings here.  In addition, please note the daily schedule that students will follow January 3-19, included below for your reference.

Payment Due Today for Glee Club and Chorus Disney Trip

Glee Club and Chorus will be going to Walt Disney World in Florida to perform and take a workshop over Long Weekend in February. The trip will include transportation via luxury bus, accommodations, breakfast each day, tickets to the parks, the workshop and the performance. Details about the trip are still being solidified and an itinerary will be forthcoming. The cost per student is $300. Payment is due today. If you need to pay by credit card, please contact Heather Hubbard or at 336-917-5445. Contact Ms. Rushton for any questions at 336-721-2779 or email Joy Rushton. If any parents are wanting to go with us, please let Mrs. Rushton know ASAP as there is more information that you will need to know.


Fall Play Begins Next Week



Dear Parents and Students;


 The Theatre Department is underway and we are preparing to open our next play. Over the past several years we have sold refreshments during intermission for the performances. The money goes towards the Theatre Banquet at the end of the year. We are in need of things to sell.  If you are willing, we are looking for small bottles of water, and snack foods like Little Debbie cakes or homemade cookies and brownies or little bags of chips. The cookies and brownies will need to be individually wrapped. Donations can be sent to school with your daughter, or they can be brought to the theatre on performance nights.

 Also, we will be having a cast/crew party right after strike after the last Sunday performance. If anyone wants to donate food and drink for the students it would be greatly appreciated. They will probably miss dinner so this will be something they will attack with great hunger.  We have about 45 students involved with the show.

All the students who are signed up for any crew are required to be at strike which begins at 3:45 on Sunday, November 12th. Any parents or relatives can come and help as well.  We always need extra hands and especially extra drills

I have enjoyed working with all of the students on this show and I am looking forward to working with them again in future productions. Please call or email me if you have any questions at kerry.lawson@salem.edu or 336-917-5508.


Thank you,

Kerry Lawson


Drivers Education To Be Held at the Academy in January

  • Drivers Education classes will be held at the Academy during Jan Term January 3-17, 2017.  Classes run from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. and will be held in the study hall room.

  • Students must be North Carolina residents, age 14 years, 6 months on or before Jan. 3 to be eligible to enroll.  This is NC law-there are no exceptions.  (DOB on or before July 3, 2003)

  • Students must attend all 10 classes, 30 hours of classroom instruction, to pass the course.  There are no exceptions.

  • Students will be taught both the classroom and driving portions of the course for a cost of $350 (classroom only = $150/ in-car only = $200.)  This may be paid in cash or by check to Forsyth Driving School, and must be paid on or before the first day of class.  (This price reflects a $100 discount.)

  • Payment may be made in full on the first day of classes or $150 may be paid the first day of classroom instruction, and $200 on the first day of in-car driving.

  • If your daughter is eligible, please have her come by the Head of School’s office and pick up NC State form SBTS-800.  This form must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian, and returned to Kathy Barnes in the Head of School’s office before Dec. 9.

  • If your daughter is eligible but unable to take classes during Jan Term due to a conflict with the Jan Term trip, Forsyth Driving School does offer classes at their school in Clemmons.  An afternoon Christmas break class is being offered.   More information is available on their website: www.forsythdrivingschool.com  If you attend the class at the Forsyth Driving School Clemmons location, remember to tell them you attend Salem Academy and you will receive the same $100 discount!

Come Learn to Decorate with Winter Greenery

2018 Moravians and Music Tour


Student Artists of the Month


Cynthia Bian

Salem Academy

Head of School: Mary Lorick Thompson

Nominating Teacher: Maria Robinson

Arts Discipline: Visual Art

Grade: 12

GPA/QPA: 3.95

What is your favorite part of the arts genre in which you were selected? My favorite part of the arts genre is anime. I grew up watching Japanese anime and reading comic books. The unrealistic yet dramatic style of anime effectively draws people’s attention and presents amiable impressions. After watching many anime, like “Doraemon,” “My Neighbor Totoro,” and “Spirited Away,” during my childhood, anime was the first art genre that fascinated me and led me to become an artist. My passion to draw my favorite anime characters motivated me to fall in love with drawing in the first place. As I grew up and learned more drawing techniques and genres, my passion for anime still burns.

Where would you most like to attend college and what might be your major? I would most like to attend college at Georgetown University, Pomona College, or Tufts University. My major might be International Relations because I am truly fascinated with the diplomatic relations between each state and the political issues of the world.

What is your proudest artistic accomplishment? My proudest artistic accomplishment was my artistic breakthrough during middle school. I used to only be able to draw the cute comics and anime. Since I learned to sketch, I discovered my capability to draw objects and people in realistic ways with textures and values. I am proud of the breakthrough because it significantly impacted my artistic style and interests.

How will the arts influence your future career? Arts will indirectly influence my future career by offering me a perspective to attentively view and observe the things and people around me. I aspire to work in a ThinkTank or the UN dealing with global issues as my future career. These works all require the skills to be cautious toward world issues. Through sketching live drawings and taking photographs, I am inspired to carefully observe and appreciate the details of environments, which would eventually provide for a solid foundation.

Athletics Update

​Winter Sports​
​Basketball, swimming, and fencing all began practicing this week! Schedules for basketball and swimming are now posted online here and fencing will be available next week.
Upcoming Events
Thursday, November 9th
​Swimming vs. TAC Teams, 4:30 PM
Friday, November 10th
Basketball at Summit School, 4:30 PM
​*Home Events in Italics​

Women's Conference Moves to Innovation Quarter




Salem College Center for Women in Business is proud to offer the 2017 Salem College Women’s Conference, making its off-campus debut in the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter. This is a one-day professional and personal development event for women that features outstanding and inspirational speakers, stellar panel discussions, and leading seminars that matter most to women.

Read more.


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