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Week of September 7, 2015

From the Head of School

Karl Sjolund

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” - Francis of Assisi

Good morning.  The flag on the front of campus is flying at half-staff today to honor the victims of the 9-11 attacks, which occurred 14 years ago this morning.  As a country and as a school we’re committed to remembering what happened that day.  But why…why remember?  After all, it was an extremely dark day in our nation’s history…right?  It was a day when 19 terrorists hijacked four airplanes…flew two of them into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City…one into the Pentagon just outside Washington, D.C…and then crashed the last one into a field in Shanksville, PA.  Nearly 3,000 people were killed that morning.  Most of the victims were American citizens, but reports suggest that more than 100 different countries were represented in the death toll.  So, why would we want to remember something so painful?  After all, my guess is that most of you in this room have no recollection of the events of that day.  So why ask you to “Never Forget” something you don’t even remember?

Well, because throughout your life there are going to be moments when darkness and light are going to collide, and we don’t ever want you to forget the fundamental truth that light always wins.  In fact, the Book of John puts it this way; “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” It may not always seem that way at first.  I confess that it certainly didn’t seem that way when I was watching the events unfold on live television 14 years ago, but when things began to settle, the stories of light and hope began to peer through and pierce the darkness. 

So, where was the light that morning?  I’ll tell you.  The light was pouring out of the brave men and women that were running toward the danger that day.  The light was coming from those who were saving the lives of thousands upon thousands of people.  The light was pouring out of people like Kathy Mazza.

Captain Kathy Mazza grew up in Massapequa and lived in Farmingdale, NY.  Her ascension in the ranks of the Port Authority police department actually began when she was an operating room nurse at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn. With a nursing degree from Nassau Community College and 10 years of nursing experience, she decided to make a career change and enrolled in the Port Authority police academy.  She did it in part to have something in common with her husband, Christopher Delosh, a city police officer.

“She always did what she thought was the right thing to do,” said Delosh.  “She wasn’t a feminist but she felt if a man could do it, so could a woman.”  She also did it because she loved helping people…and she figured this would be another way to do that.  Of course, she was also a pretty tough cookie. 

Her mother, Rose Mazza, said that when Kathy graduated from nursing school in 1981, “She refused to wear a nurse’s cap unless the male nurses had to wear them too.  They didn’t, so she graduated capless just like everyone else.”  “That was typical of her,” said her mother.  “I wanted a ribbon and lace girl and I got one made of armor instead.”  She was tenacious.

In fact, it was her tenacity that helped her save many lives long before that morning of 9-11.  Starting with her mother’s!  Kathy had been a cardiac care nurse, and had even undergone open-heart surgery of her own in 1992, so she was very aware of the danger signs of heart problems.  Exactly one year after her own surgery, Kathy’s mother was complaining of chest pains, and Kathy recognized immediately that her mother’s arteries were blocked.  She forced her mother to go to the hospital…a move that saved her life.  “If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here today,” her mother told reporters.

At least 20 New Yorkers can make the same claim, because in 1997 Mazza fought the authorities…and finally convinced them of the importance of training all 600 officers on how to use defibrillators in airports.  More than 20 people have been saved as a result of that training. 

So, as you can imagine, it didn’t take long for Mazza to be promoted to sergeant…and then to lieutenant.  And then in April of 2000 she became the first female captain in the New York Port Authority history.  Her mother said, “She advanced so quickly in the police department” that she hardly had time to celebrate one promotion before she was promoted again.  Kathy use to tell her mother; ‘I’ll retire as police chief someday.’”

Well…she was 46 years old…a captain… and the first female commanding officer of the Port Authority Police…when she rushed into the World Trade Center that morning.  We don’t know everything Captain Mazza did to save lives that morning, but we do know that at one point, there had been a bottleneck of people at the revolving doors in the North Tower.  Kathy pulled out her service revolver and shot out the floor-to-ceiling glass walls on the mezzanine. We do know that this split second decision allowed hundreds of people to escape just minutes before the building collapsed.  Of course, she didn’t follow those folks outside.  She went back up the stairway to find more victims.  On her way up, she told Officer Eugene Fasano to retrieve her nursing kit from the emergency vehicle outside.  When Fasano left to go get the kit, Captain Mazza and Lt. Robert Cirri were carrying a woman down the stairs in a rescue chair.  It was about that time that the building collapsed on top of them. Captain Mazza’s remains were recovered 5 months later…in February of 2002.

You probably had never heard of Kathy Mazza before today…I know I’d never heard of her…and frankly, with the exception of her mother…I doubt any of the hundreds of people whose lives she’s credited with saving had any idea who Kathy Mazza was.  But I think it’s pretty clear that she was a proven hero!  This lady was the real deal, because while everybody else was running out of the towers that morning, she was running in. 

Did she know that she wouldn’t make it home that day?  I don’t know.  My guess is she wasn’t thinking about herself at all that morning.  I suspect she was thinking about the people that needed her.  She was thinking about saving as many lives as she could save; even if one of them was not her own.  So what’s the message? 

Well, the message is this; if the darkness had gotten its way, Kathy Mazza’s mother would have died from heart failure…the defibrillators would not have been used to save so many lives in the airports around New York…and hundreds of people stuck in the mezzanine in the World Trade Center would have perished on September 11, 2001.  But every one of those times, God sent a light…a light named Kathy Mazza.  And every one of those times, the light won.  It always does.  And that’s something worth remembering!

God bless,

Karl Sjolund

Head of School


  • Parents’ Weekend is coming up September 25-26!  Please find the schedule for the weekend HERE!

September Calendar of Events

12 – Robotics kick-off; Freshmen Retreat leaves

13 – Freshmen Retreat returns

14 – Wednesday Week

15 – Ring Banquet, 5:30 pm, Bryant Hall

16 – Senior Day

18 – Interim grading period ends

23 – Students receive interim grades

25 & 26 – Parents Weekend

28 – Auditions for fall play, 6:30 pm, Drama Workshop

Athletics Update

Varsity Field Hockey

Field Hockey Shot on GoalThe varsity field hockey team yielded their first win Tuesday on the road. Despite falling a goal behind, the team showed great character and continued to pressure Forsyth Country Day until Hannah Brown converted a penalty corner and drew the teams level (pictured on right). Kadie Hicks again put in a stellar performance in goal saving all of the penalty flicks she faced. With team captain Meta Kate White leading by example and scoring her flick, the team deservedly picked up the win. Special mention needs to go to all the penalty flick takers who all volunteered to step up and take on the high pressure responsibility. This included Sofia KremidasHannah BrownMeta Kate WhiteSidnee Everhart and Maggie Kennedy.

Junior Varsity Field Hockey

Bishop McGuinness unfortunately turned up with less than a full team on Wednesday. Four Salem players, Kelly ArnoldKelly NesserChandler Pettigrew and Maggie Kennedy showed great sportsmanship and stepped up to help them make up their numbers so a game could be played. With these volunteers, the teams managed to play a full field 11 a side game and everyone showed great dedication and commitment whilst still playing a friendly game in good spirits. Special mention needs to go to Carry Liu and Emma Auch. Both are new to the sport but put in stellar performances their first time on the field in a match, as did Sidnee Everhart. Although she had little to do most of the match, she there when needed in her first game as the junior varsity goal keeper. T final score was 1-0 to Salem with Kadie Hicks scoring the only goal in her first match on field rather than in goal.

Varsity Volleyball

Varsity VolleyballSalem Academy vs. Salem Baptist, 9-4-15: Salem Academy traveled up the hill to Salem Baptist last Friday evening. The girls fought hard and played well, but Salem Baptist won the match 3-0: 25-13, 25-18, 25-16. The girls had worked hard in practice the two days before the game to learn their new rotation. Although they had some mix ups, setters Aleisha Patton and Dania Shoaf worked hard to move to their positions. The girls all served well, with only two service errors for the entire match. Dania Shoaf led the team with serves, scoring 12 total points. Other strong servers were Bella Novicki and Hannah Brothers. The girls also passed well and hustled for the ball. 

Salem Academy vs. AHA, 9-8-15: The varsity volleyball girls had their first win of the season against American Hebrew Academy on Tuesday afternoon! The girls played well and won the match 3-0: 25-8, 25-12, 25-16. Once again, the girls all served well with only a few errors. Out of the team’s nine players, seven of them had two or more aces each. The team’s top serving scorers were Dania Shoaf with 10 points, and Naomi Aaron with 11 points.  This was a great game for the ladies to work on their court positions and covering. Although she is one of the team’s setters, Aleisha Patton had 4 kills in the game. Bella NovickiGraceann King, and Naomi Aaron made great passes for the team to set up. 

Salem vs. Trinity, 9-10-15: The Salem varsity volleyball team played a great game against Westchester on Thursday evening. Although they played well and worked hard, Westchester won the match 4-1. The scores were 23-25(L), 25-23(W), 16-25(L), 10-25(L). The ladies played so well in the first two games. They knew their positions on the court, and they also covered well. Bella Novicki and Graceann King both made great team passes and digs. Setters Aleisha Patton and Dania Shoaf worked hard to keep their team together. Patton had 8 assists and Shoaf had 6. Salem served very well in the first two games. Dania Shoaf and Hannah Brothers led the team in service points. Savannah Scarborough and Naomi Aaron were right behind them in points. The team is still working to get strong hits and blocks at the net; however, Savannah Scarborough played her best game yet. She had 3 kills and 2 solo blocks. Keep working hard ladies!

Junior Varsity Volleyball

The JV volleyball team lost last Friday when they traveled to Salem Baptist for their first contest of the season. They lost two games to zero, with scores of 25-6 and 25-12. While it looks lopsided, the coaches know that the team hasn’t been playing together very long and they are confident the girls can improve both individually and as a team. Gillianne Norris is a returning sophomore on the team and has proven to be a standout so far in this young season. She is surrounded by some other returners and a handful of new players to the squad. The morale and enthusiasm is high and the more the girls gel, the better they will play. The next match is Thursday, September 17th at home against a strong Greensboro Day School team. Come out and support the girls!

Varsity Tennis

The varsity tennis match scheduled for Thursday at Burlington Christian Academy was postponed due to weather. The rescheduled date will be announced soon. 

Cross Country

On Tuesday afternoon, the cross country team ran at Beeson Park. The weather was sweltering and the humidity was miserable. BUT, the Sabers were resilient. The team finished fourth. The following are the top finishers for the Sabers in their first TAC meet. 

Abigail Wucherer - 10th Place; time 26:17

Charlie Martin - 20th Place; time 27:52

Laura Browne - 25th place; time 28:18

Becca Olsen - 26th place; time: 28:26

Emily Bannigan - 28th place; time: 28:35

Sydney Weaver - 30th place; time: 28:38

Nora Jilge - 38th place; time: 28:51

There were 70 competitors in the field and the ladies were aggressive and strong.  Next up, the team is in action at the Salem Greenway against Salem Baptist on September 17th.  Congratulations to the ladies and wish them luck and cooler temperatures in the future.  

Upcoming Athletic Events

Friday 9/11

Varsity Volleyball vs. Caldwell- 4:30

Varsity Field Hockey at Asheville School- 5:00

Saturday 9/12

Varsity Field Hockey vs. CCES at Asheville School- 11:00

Varsity Field Hockey vs. Webb School at Asheville School- 1:00

Monday 9/14

Varsity Tennis at Westchester Country Day School (Willow Creek Country Club) - 4:00

Junior Varsity Tennis at Mt. Tabor High School- 4:00

Varsity Field Hockey vs. St. Mary’s - 4:30

Junior Varsity Field Hockey vs. St. Mary’s- 5:45

Thursday 9/17

Cross Country Meet at Salem Baptist (Washington Park/Salem Greenway)- 4:30

Varsity Tennis vs. Greensboro Day School- 4:00

Junior Varsity Tennis vs. Greensboro Day School- 4:00

Varsity Field Hockey vs. Greensboro Day School- 4:30

Varsity Volleyball vs. Greensboro Day School- 5:30

Junior Varsity Volleyball vs. Greensboro Day School- 4:30

Friday 9/18

Varsity Tennis vs. Carolina Friends School- 4:00

Varsity Volleyball vs. Calvary Baptist Day School- 5:30

Junior Varsity Volleyball vs. Calvary Baptist Day School- 4:30

**Home events are italicized**

Student Activities

September 12 - 13: Freshman Retreat 2015

Freshman Retreat is a weekend event that has team building activities that helps the Freshman class bond and build friendships. Freshman Retreat isrequired for all Freshmen to attend. The retreat will be at Merriwood Christian Camp in Clemmons, North Carolina.  Since this is an overnight trip, the students will need to bring the following items with them:  

  • Closed toe shoes (i.e. tennis shoes, sneakers/ NO sandals or flip flops)
  • Toiletries

  • Flashlight

  • At least one change of clothes
  • Jacket or Sweatshirt

  • Sleeping bag or sheets with blanket; pillow


Saturday, September 26: WFU Football Game

Time - TBA / Tickets - $8 – Welcome in fall with Wake Forest football!  The Demon Deacons will be playing against Indiana.  Christ School will be joining Salem  to watch the game as well. As soon as the time for the game is posted, it will be announced.   In order to participate and keep current pricing, a minimum of twenty students must sign up.  Final day for sign up is September 18th.


Saturday, September 19: Bethabara Apple Fest

10:00 am-1:00 pm

Come enjoy apples, crafts, music, and food!  Also, participants will also learn about the importance of apples in Moravian culture.  Students will need to bring money if they would like to make purchases.

Bio Lab Fun

Della Huffines and Katey Zhao show off their DNA model constructed during AP Biology lab in which students built various models of organic molecules to review their structure and function.

AP Bio Lab

Favor Idika and Hannah Remmel brush up on their microscope skills in Honors Biology lab.

Honors Bio Lab

Camping Trip a Success

Grayson Highlands wild poniesThe Outdoor Club had their first camping trip of the year over the Friday night of Labor Day weekend.  Twelve girls participated in the overnight at Grayson Highlands state park in Virginia.  While there was heavy fog for most of the day on Saturday, it was beautiful to see the wisps of clouds move across the mountain meadows. There were also “wild” ponies that love attention from hikers, so we got to spend nearly an hour enjoying their company.  The girls all seemed to have a wonderful time and they are eager to plan another trip soon!

Robotics Club Enjoys New 3D Printer

Robotics Club uses new 3D printerThe Robotics Club got a chance to meet their newest member this year - a 3D printer. The students were introduced to the software and watched the printer build a pi keychain as their first build. They are looking forward to being able to design and build parts to add to their robot this year.  Click here to view a video of the 3D printer in action!

DADs Group

Dad group logoTo all fathers/male guardians of Salem students:

Salem Academy dads are invited to join an ongoing informal discussion about issues impacting our daughters.  Approximately every month a group of Academy dads will get together to compare notes and discuss the varying issues that come about when raising teenage daughters.  It’s always an informal conversation, and all fathers of Salem Academy students are welcome to attend!  For fathers who are unable to participate, notes from these conversations will be made available. The DADs point-of-contact is Paul Allen, the Academy Physics and Environmental Science teacher and father of a sophomore this year: paul.allen@salem.edu.

We had our first meeting on August 31, with a good showing of interested fathers. The focus of this particular gathering was to begin to get acquainted, to learn about the origins and purpose of the DADs group and to consider ways that we can better support our daughters through their Salem Academy experience. We discussed past DADs-sponsored events, such as pancake breakfasts on the first mornings of midterm and final examinations and a bicycle trip on the Virginia Creeper Trail, and we opened the door for suggestions for future events.
The next DADs gathering is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13 at 7:15 AM in the Dining Room (breakfast included). We hope to have a guest speaker that morning, and we intend to plan a cookout for the students, which is to be on campus early Friday evening, October 16 (the day prior toGlimmerglass: The Auction for Salem Academy). We’ll need grills, cooks, servers and cleaner-uppers, so, fathers, please join us!

Salem Smiles

Amazon Smile BannerIt is that time of year to purchase school supplies, dorm essentials and more. Now you can raise money for Salem Academy just by shopping at AmazonSmile! AmazonSmile is the exact same as the Amazon we all know, except you support the Academy while you shop. For every eligible purchase, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase total to the Academy. It is as simple as that! Get started by going to Amazon Smile and selecting Salem Academy today!  

Visit AmazonSmile and Support Salem Academy

Here is what you need to do:

  • Visit smile.amazon.com and log in to your Amazon account.
  • The first time you visit, you will be prompted to select a charitable cause. Search for and choose Salem Academy and College.
  •  Make your purchase and AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Salem!

Remember, always start at smile.amazon.com. AmazonSmile will save Salem as your cause to support for all your future purchases.

If you have any questions, please visit smile.amazon.com or email Shelley Hindmon A’07, Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, at shelley.hindmon@salem.edu.

Thank you for your support of Salem Academy and College!

Link Your Harris Teeter VIC Card and Support Salem

Harris Teeter - Your Neighborhood Food MarketBeginning August 1, Salem Academy proudly continued in Harris Teeter’s Together In Education program to help raise funds for our school.  It’s easy and it’s FREE. Simply give the cashier our code, 5509, and your VIC card when you check out and your card will be linked for the entire school year. That’s it! You only have to link your VIC card once each school year. Once your card is linked, Salem Academy will receive a percentage of your Harris Teeter brand (Harris Teeter, Premier Selection, H.T. Traders, Harris Teeter Naturals, Your Pet, Hunter Farms, Highland Crest and More Value) purchases credited back to our account. This program does not interfere with your VIC savings or cost you any money!

Together in Education - Harris TeeterFor those of you who participated last year, don’t forget to re-link your VIC card to our account code next time you are shopping at Harris Teeter! 

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