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Week of September 14, 2015

From the Head of School

Karl Sjolund

“I think U.S. News & World Report will go down as one of the most destructive things that ever happened to higher education.” - Adam Weinberg, President of Denison University

There was an article in the paper last week announcing the U.S. News & World Report’s 2016 rankings of “best” colleges.  I’m in Dr. Weinberg’s camp on this one.  It’s not that I don’t think it’s important to have some way to measure the effectiveness of an institution…any institution…but it doesn’t make sense to suggest that there is such a thing as the “best” school for everyone.  There may be a “best” school for each student, but to suggest that there’s one “best” school overall is simply absurd.  Let me explain.

Imagine how foolish it would be if U.S. News and World Report ranked outfits.  Would it make sense for Miss T. and me to both be striving to wear the exact same outfit…since, after all, it did receive the coveted ranking of the “best” outfit in America?  Personal preference, fit, style and so many other things determine which outfit looks good on me and which outfit looks good on Miss T.  I can safely say that our two choices would be very different!  That may be a silly example, but I really do see colleges in a similar light.  After all, it’s the “fit” that makes it perfect…not the ranking.  So, where am I going with this?

Well, during the opening chapel service a couple of weeks ago, Miss T. read several wonderful letters from recent Academy graduates filled with advice for the students sitting in the audience.  There were plenty of comments about the importance of making new friends, taking advantage of sports and theater opportunities, getting extra help from your teachers, and taking lots of pictures.  And yet, when addressing the senior class, there was one theme that kept popping up; the idea of “relaxing” when it comes to applying to colleges.  Over and over again, our alumnae wanted to encourage the girls to “trust the process.”  I agree!

I read a great book this summer by New York Times columnist Frank Bruni. The title of the book is, “Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be, An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania.”  The book is filled with statistics and anecdotes about the way, “…Americans have turned college admissions into a terrifying and occasionally devastating process, preceded by test prep, tutors, all sorts of stratagems, all kinds of rankings and a conviction among too many young people that their futures will be determined and their worth established by which schools say yes and which say no.”  Bruni’s point is simple; “where you go isn’t who you’ll be.”  In fact, what matters in the end, is the “student’s effort in and out of the classroom, not the gleam of his or her diploma.”  Again, I agree…and there’s plenty of evidence to back him up!

For example; according to Bruni, only one out of the top ten CEOs on the list of the Fortune 500 companies went to an Ivy League School.  They did, however, go to schools such as University of Arkansas, University of Nebraska, Auburn, Texas A&M, and the University of Kansas.  He also reminds us that although the last four presidents attended Ivy League schools, two of them were from the same family (legacies at Yale)…and President Obama began his college career at Occidental College.  Prior to those four, our presidents came from schools such as Eureka College (Reagan), Naval Academy-Georgia Southwestern College-and Georgia Tech (Carter), University of Michigan (Ford), Whittier College (Nixon), and Southwest Texas State Teachers College (Johnson).   Seventy percent of all the current senators and approximately seventy-five percent of sitting governors attended state colleges or private universities that would not be considered highly selective.  Indeed, the path to success in any career has much more to do with work ethic, resilience, passion, desire, and GRIT, than it does with the name on your diploma.  So, what’s my point?

Well, my point is that we may not be able to guarantee that our girls will be accepted at any particular university…they might…but we can’t guarantee it.  However, we can guarantee that they’ll be the very best prepared students wherever they go.  And that’s what makes the difference in the long run.  As Collegiate Unranked author, Lloyd Thacker suggests; “The most reliable predictors of adult success are not grades in high school or a collegiate pedigree.  They are the qualities that psychologist Dan Goleman calls emotional intelligence: empathy, optimism, flexibility, a good sense of humor, the capacity to function as a team member, and a positive reaction to setbacks.”  These are the things we’re working on with your daughters.  These are the things that will help them be successful when they get to college…and beyond.  So, encourage them to do their best…and then relax.  Trust the process!  It’ll all work out…we promise.


Karl Sjolund

Head of School


  • Parents’ Weekend is coming up September 25-26!  Please find the schedule for the weekend HERE!
  • Flu shots will be available for students on October 21, during our conference period. The cost for the flu shot this year is $30.00. You may pay by either cash or check. If check, please make  it out to “Salem Academy.” A consent form must be signed for each student. That form will appear in next week’s Newsletter as they are not available yet from the agency giving the shots. A form and payment is required for each student receiving the shot. Please call Miss Thompson if you have any questions.

September Calendar of Events

18 – Interim grading period ends

23 – Students receive interim grades

25 & 26 – Parents Weekend

28 – Auditions for fall play, 6:30 pm, Drama Workshop

Fall Break Information

Dear Parents,

Fall BreakOur first vacation period is coming up and there is information you need about vacation procedures. Please read this information sheet, which I hope will answer your questions and help you in planning your daughter’s departure from and arrival back at the Academy.  Boarding parents please complete this travel form and return it to me as soon as possible.

Fall Break begins at 1:00 (after 6th period) on Thursday, October 8.  The boarders should return to the Academy by 9:00 p.m. on Monday, October 12.  If at all possible, please make travel arrangements within those times.  We realize that when using public transportation some flexibility is required, but please adhere as closely as possible to the time.  Any special requests must be made by Wednesday, September 30.  Absences before and after a vacation period are unexcused.

If you have questions, please let us know.  We wish you all a pleasant Fall Break.


Mary Lorick Thompson

Assistant Head/Dean of Students

Admissions Office News

Admissions Fair in DallasMany thanks to Shannon Callewart (mother of Katy, A’17) for representing Salem Academy at the Dallas Private School Preview on Sunday, September 13.  We are so appreciative of her efforts to let students and their families in Dallas know all about us.  If you know of an event in your area we should attend or you could attend on our behalf, please let the Admissions office know!  Sharing your daughter’s Academy experience with other families–or putting us in touch with them–is one of the greatest gifts you can give Salem!  Thanks again, Shannon, for your time and such a lovely table!


Athletics Update

Varsity Volleyball

Salem vs. Caldwell Friday, 9-11-15: Salem fought a tough opponent last Friday night, losing by a score of 3-0. The game scores were 25-14, 25-13, 25-11. Although the Sabers didn’t win, the girls hustled and made Caldwell work hard. Dania Shoaf led the team in serving. Bella Novicki made great passes for the team. Savannah Scarborough played a great game at the net. All the girls are improving each time they play.

Salem vs. Greensboro Day School, 9-17-15: Salem varsity volleyball lost 3-1 in a close battle with Greensboro Day School on Thursday. The game scores were 22-25(L), 25-19(W), 11-25(L), 18-25(L). The varsity girls started off playing very well in the first two games. They were serving well, covering, passing, and making smart plays. In the last two games, the team had many serving errors and had a harder time passing the ball. Aleisha Patton led the team in serving, she had 8 aces in the match. Hannah Brothers also had strong serves, scoring a total of 10 points. Bella Novicki stepped up her game on the front row and had 8 kills and 1 solo block. She also did a great job covering while playing her back row position. Jenna Barnes did a great job playing her back middle position on the court; she had many great passes and digs. 

Junior Varsity Volleyball

The JV volleyball team battled Greensboro Day School on Thursday and came out victorious for the first win of the young season. The girls beat GDS two sets to one with the individual scores of (25-18), (23-25), and (25-14). The girls played great as a team with a number of members giving strong individual efforts. Sophomore Gillianne Norris led as captain with a commanding serve that produced 14 straight points in the third set. Other standout players were sophomore Alexandra Maycock, who owned the net, sophomore Kaely Miller who was everywhere on the court, and junior Angela Wang, who is one of the most improved players from last year’s team. Freshman Blythe Hudson contributed as the number one setter on the team, freshman Molly Flathman controlled the back line with great passes, and senior Casandra Gonzalez subbed in to give tremendous defense and stability throughout the match. The girls are playing well right now, and host Calvary Baptist School Friday at 4:30 for the third game of the season. Go Sabers!!!

Varsity Tennis

On a beautiful Monday, September 14th, Salem defeated Westchester Country Day 7-2 at High Point Country Club. Singles winners for Salem Academy were Anna-Brooke Hylton, Salem KirkmanCourtney ClawsonGrace Wilson and Stella McAuley. Doubles winners were the teams of Salem paring with Courtney and Stella teaming with Daniella Kapural. This marks the 5th consecutive victory over our closest rivals.

Salem improved its overall conference record to 3-1 with their first win over Greensboro Day in a number of years. Solid performances were made by the entire team with Courtney ClawsonGrace Wilson and Daniella Kapural winning in singles and the teams of Salem Kirkman/Courtney and Daniella/Stella McAuley capturing wins in doubles.

Salem Academy has a conference record of 2-1 and hosts Carolina Friends on Friday.

Junior Varsity Tennis

The JV team had a very busy week with two very competitive matches. The first match was Monday with the Sabers playing a large local high school, Mt. Tabor. The girls played very well, but ultimately the team lost the match 4-5. Salem had big wins at the #1 single position played by Joy Cheng, #2 singles position played by Lively Zhang , #3 singles position played by Uche Okoh and the #3 doubles position played by Veronica Li and Mei Wu.

The second match of the week came on Thursday against Greensboro Day School. Again, the girls fought hard, but lost this match also with the score 4-5. It could not have been closer. The wins came from Mei Wu at the #6 singles position who won in a tie breaker, and the #1 doubles played by Joy Cheng and Maiya Barsky, the # 2 doubles position played by Grace Prest and Uche Okoh and the #3 doubles position played by Lively Zhang and Mei Wu.

The team has two matches next week and are looking forward to the competition !

Varsity Field Hockey

It has been a busy week for the field hockey team that saw the team play six matches. Although the results haven’t gone the way the team would have liked, the players have shown great strength and development. The weekend started with an away trip to Asheville where the Sabers played in a tournament against Asheville, CCES and Webb. After a long trip, Salem played a very strong and organized Asheville team and managed to keep it tied at 1-1 going into the second half. The team fought extremely hard throughout and the forward line, particularly Charlotte Dorn and Katy Callewart absolutely terrorized their defense but unfortunately, Asheville managed to manufacture and then convert a penalty and that goal was the difference.  After the truly valiant efforts of Friday, tired legs showed on Saturday and the first match against CCES was extremely tough and may have been against the best team the team played this season. The final game of the tournament was against Webb and despite tired legs and going two goals down, the girls fought back to tie the game 2-2 by half time with goals by Sofia Kremidas and Libby Tawes.  Unfortunately despite valiant efforts by the entire defense including a great match from Sidnee Everhart, Webb managed to snatch one more goal in the 2nd half. Although everyone played exceptionally well and really pulled together as a team throughout this tournament, Meta Kate White and Charlotte Dorn were singled out by the coaches and elected to the All-Tournament Team.

Monday saw the varsity team return home and have a match against St Mary’s. Unfortunately some of the tiredness from the weekend had not been shaken off and the varsity game was not the team’s best performance. Kadie Hicks played a great game in the net for the Sabers.

The week was rounded out in a very tight home game against Greensboro Day School on Thursday. Despite being under pressure for a large portion of the game, the Salem defensive line of Maggie KennedyKelly Arnold and Sidnee Everhart held strong for nearly all of the game and the forward line of Sofia KremidasCharlotte Dorn and Katy Callewart ,as always, had the opposition scared whenever they got the ball. In the end, one excellent strike from Greensboro Day that managed to slip past an otherwise flawless Kadie Hicks was the only difference between the teams. Special mention also needs to go to Libby Tawes and Maddy Fogleman who had excellent performances in the game, battling to the end.

Junior Varsity Field Hockey

The junior varsity field hockey team took on St. Mary’s Monday afternoon at home. The game was played in amazingly good spirits and was a delight to watch with every player clearly enjoying themselves and playing with a smile on their face. This was also a great chance for some of the new players to field hockey to show just how good they are going to be. Carry LiuEmma AuchHannah Bodsford and Layla Hibma all played exceptionally well and have greatly improved their skill and knowledge of the game this season.

Cross Country

The results from the cross country team’s meet on Thursday were not available at the time of press.

Upcoming Athletic Events

Friday 9/18

Varsity Tennis vs. Carolina Friends School- 4:00

Varsity Volleyball vs. Calvary Baptist Day School- 5:30

Junior Varsity Volleyball vs. Calvary Baptist Day School- 4:30


Monday 9/21

Junior Varsity Tennis at Forsyth Country Day School- 4:00

Junior Varsity Field Hockey at Summit School- 4:30


Tuesday 9/22

Varsity Tennis at Caldwell Academy- 4:00

Junior Varsity Volleyball at Burlington Christian Academy- 4:30

Varsity Volleyball at Burlington Christian Academy- 5:30


Wednesday 9/23

Varsity Field Hockey at Cary Christian Academy- 5:30


Thursday 9/24

Cross Country Meet at Home vs. TAC Opponents- Held at Salem Lake- 4:30


Friday 9/25

Varsity Tennis vs. Trinity School- 4:00

Junior Varsity Tennis vs. Mt. Tabor- 4:00

Varsity Volleyball vs. Salem Baptist- 5:30

Junior Varsity Volleyball vs. Salem Baptist- 4:30

Varsity Field Hockey vs. Forsyth Country Day School- 4:30

Junior Varsity Field Hockey vs. Riverside High School- 5:45

**Home events are italicized**

Student Activities

Saturday, September 19:
  • Bethabara Apple Fest
  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Come enjoy apples, crafts, music, and food!  Also, participants will also learn about the importance of apples in Moravian culture.  Students will need to bring money if they would like to make purchases.
Saturday, September 26:

International Market Trip

  • 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Students will be visiting an international food market in Greensboro where they can purchase a variety of foods from various countries.

WFU Football Game

  • Time - 11:45 am  /   Tickets - $8
  • Welcome in fall with Wake Forest football!  The Demon Deacons will be playing against Indiana.  Christ School will be joining Salem to watch the game as well.  In order to participate and keep current pricing, a minimum of twenty students must sign up. The final day for signing up and payment is September 18th.

Fiesta 2015 - Downtown Winston-Salem

  • Time: 12:00 - 7:00 pm
  • The 23rd annual FIESTA is a free street festival downtown Winston-Salem. FIESTA will be held September 26 in downtown Winston Salem covering a 4 block area that will include the Sawtooth & Milton Rhodes Center. Participants will enjoy live Latin music, cultural programs, cuisine from different Latin American Countries, and local arts & crafts. There will be 4 booth locations to buy tickets to then use to purchase food from the food vendors! The event is within walking distance from Salem.  Students will need to bring money if they would like to purchase items from vendors.

DADs Group

Dad group logoTo all fathers/male guardians of Salem students:

Salem Academy dads are invited to join an ongoing informal discussion about issues impacting our daughters.  Approximately every month a group of Academy dads will get together to compare notes and discuss the varying issues that come about when raising teenage daughters.  It’s always an informal conversation, and all fathers of Salem Academy students are welcome to attend!  For fathers who are unable to participate, notes from these conversations will be made available. The DADs point-of-contact is Paul Allen, the Academy Physics and Environmental Science teacher and father of a sophomore this year: paul.allen@salem.edu.

The next DADs gathering is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13 at 7:15 AM in the Dining Room (breakfast included). Our speaker is to be Mr. Kevin Sellers, our College Counselor, and we intend to plan a cookout for the students, which is to be on campus early Friday evening, October 16 (the day prior to Glimmerglass: The Auction for Salem Academy). We’ll need grills, cooks, servers and cleaner-uppers, so, fathers, please join us!

Salem Smiles

Amazon Smile BannerIt is that time of year to purchase school supplies, dorm essentials and more. Now you can raise money for Salem Academy just by shopping at AmazonSmile! AmazonSmile is the exact same as the Amazon we all know, except you support the Academy while you shop. For every eligible purchase, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase total to the Academy. It is as simple as that! Get started by going to Amazon Smile and selecting Salem Academy today!  

Visit AmazonSmile and Support Salem Academy

Here is what you need to do:

  • Visit smile.amazon.com and log in to your Amazon account.
  • The first time you visit, you will be prompted to select a charitable cause. Search for and choose Salem Academy and College.
  •  Make your purchase and AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Salem!

Remember, always start at smile.amazon.com. AmazonSmile will save Salem as your cause to support for all your future purchases.

If you have any questions, please visit smile.amazon.com or email Shelley Hindmon A’07, Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, at shelley.hindmon@salem.edu.

Thank you for your support of Salem Academy and College!

Link Your Harris Teeter VIC Card and Support Salem

Harris Teeter - Your Neighborhood Food MarketBeginning August 1, Salem Academy proudly continued in Harris Teeter’s Together In Education program to help raise funds for our school.  It’s easy and it’s FREE. Simply give the cashier our code, 5509, and your VIC card when you check out and your card will be linked for the entire school year. That’s it! You only have to link your VIC card once each school year. Once your card is linked, Salem Academy will receive a percentage of your Harris Teeter brand (Harris Teeter, Premier Selection, H.T. Traders, Harris Teeter Naturals, Your Pet, Hunter Farms, Highland Crest and More Value) purchases credited back to our account. This program does not interfere with your VIC savings or cost you any money!

Together in Education - Harris TeeterFor those of you who participated last year, don’t forget to re-link your VIC card to our account code next time you are shopping at Harris Teeter! 

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