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Week of August 24, 2015

From the Head of School

Karl Sjolund

We’re back!  Welcome to all of our new families, and welcome back to all of our returning families.  We’re looking forward to another great year…the 244th at the Academy.

I thought I’d pass along the same message I gave to the community this afternoon at the Opening Chapel Service.  Before getting to that, however, I wanted to remind you of two events that I hope you’ll put on your calendar.  The first is Parents Weekend, Friday and Saturday, September 25-26, and the second isGlimmerglass: The Auction for Salem Academy on the evening of Saturday, October 17th.  These are great opportunities to meet with your daughter’s teachers…as well as other parents and alumnae.  We hope to see you then!

God bless,

Karl Sjolund, Head of School

Mr. Sjolund’s Opening Chapel message:

Good afternoon everyone.  On behalf of the faculty and staff, I’d like to welcome you to this year’s Opening Chapel celebration.  As we begin our 244thacademic session, I want us to take a moment and consider the beginning of this wonderful journey that is Salem Academy.  And I’ll start by reading something that’s in the front of the journal, in which you signed your name to the honor pledge earlier this week.  It says the following:

October 1766

Four Single Sisters and 12 Older Girls, ages 13 to 17, forsake the warmth and comfort of their homes in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  On foot, they travel 484 miles to the wild frontier of North Carolina.  For 29 nights, they sleep under a cold, open sky.  In the villages along the way, onlookers gather to watch this curious group pass by.  One of them is young Elisabeth Oesterlein (our first teacher).

They join the settlement of Bethabara for the next few years while they wait for a new town, Salem, to be carved out of the wilderness.  In their new home, seeking God’s will in all that they do, the Moravians’ eyes are opened to an injustice: their sons, but not their daughters, are receiving an education.  Following His divine guidance, they establish a school for girls in 1772.  From these humble beginnings emerge this great institution, Salem Academy.  A powerful legacy, an incredible journey, has begun.

All great journeys, like the one Sister Oesterlein began 249 years ago, rely on courage, determination, and attitude.  Indeed, it is because of the positive attitudes of Sister Oesterlein, and all the other women, young and old, that have walked through the doors of the Academy over the past 244 years, that we get to be here today celebrating another new adventure.

One of my favorite stories is C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”.  I know many of you are familiar with the story, so I won’t go into too much detail.  But I’ve always been intrigued by the way the way the children at the very beginning see things so differently.  A good example is when Lucy, the youngest of the four children, enters the wardrobe and then stumbles into the magical land of Narnia.  Lewis describes her reaction in this way:

“Lucy felt a little frightened, but she felt very inquisitive and excited as well.”  Let me read that again, “a little frightened, but inquisitive and excited as well”.  What a healthy way to approach a new journey!

Her brother, Edmund, however had a very different response when he first arrives in Narnia.  He responds by shivering, and thinking to himself that he…”did not much like being alone in this strange, cold, quiet place”.  He looks around for a minute …and then decides that he doesn’t like it…so he’s going home…of course, just then, the Evil White Witch arrives on the scene…and then the trouble starts.

These two kids arrive in the same place…in basically the same way…but they have two completely different responses.  It’s all about attitude.

Well, if you know the story, then you know that Lucy and all the children have lots of difficulties and trials throughout.  Still, Lucy stays positive and is always making the most of her adventure.  In fact, from the very beginning, her positive attitude has a profound impact on those around her; including Tumnus, a faun that decides to defy the evil Witch’s order by not turning Lucy over to the Witch, because he’s so captivated by Lucy’s goodness.

On the other hand, Edmund’s lousy attitude only serves to make a mess of everything.  Fortunately, he’s redeemed in the end, but not before creating a bunch of trouble for himself and everyone else.  Trouble that could have been avoided!

So, what’s my point?  Well, Miss T. is about to read some fun letters filled with all sorts of advice from those that have gone before you.  Listen and enjoy what they have to say.  A lot of what they’re talking about is attitude. 

You’re on the verge of a great adventure.  You’re now the one that’s leaving Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and walking to North Carolina.  You’re the one that’s stepping into the wardrobe for the first time…stepping into a new place…filled with possibility.  So, like Sister O…and Lucy…and all these graduates you’re about to hear from…it’s OK if you’re a little frightened…or maybe anxious is a better word…but just don’t forget to also be inquisitive…and don’t forget to be excited too.  Sister O was called by God to come to this town, and start this school.  And now it’s your turn.

And so, with a special welcome to our new students, and recognition of the 22 four-year seniors seated here on the stage today, I wish for every student, faculty and staff member a successful and happy school year.


  • In going through the forms that were turned in for your daughters, many of the medical forms did not have a copy of the medical insurance card attached. If you did not give us a copy of that card, would you please send in a copy with your daughter to give to Miss Thompson. This is an important part of her medical record at school. Thank you.

  • Athletic Picnic will be held Monday, August 31st at 4:15 - this event is required for all students.

Emergency Notification System - Sign Up

Emergency AlertsDear Salem Academy Parents and Students, 

I am writing to inform and remind each of you of Salem Academy’s emergency notification system.  As part of our emergency preparedness plan Salem utilizes a variety of methods to communicate urgent messages.  These systems include an outside audible warning system, text and telephone messaging service, emails and web alerts.  Salem may use one or more of these methods in the event of a significant emergency that may pose a threat to the health or safety of the community. 

If you are new to the community or have not registered your cell phone to receive campus-wide emergency notifications, I urge you to register now by clicking on the link below.  All campus numbers are registered through the system and these extensions will receive a voice alert once one is issued. Register today so that you will be included in our test within the next two weeks.

Academy Parents - Click Here

Academy Students - Click Here


Anna Gallimore

Director of Administration

Salem Academy and College

Students Participate in Choral Workshop

Betsy Overton with David FloodOur student singers began the year with an informative and fun workshop with David Flood! Dr. David Flood is the organist and choir master at Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury, England and a true authority on treble voices. His workshop was a combination of vocal warm-up exercises, vocal technique and working on repertoire. His boundless energy and enthusiasm truly inspired everyone in attendance! How fortunate we are to have him visit and teach us every other year!

David Flood leads choral workshop

Fall Athletes Excel During Preseason

M K White during a drillHow did you spend your last week of summer? Salem Academy’s fall athletes had their own idea of how to cherish the last few days of relaxation.  Rather than settling down with a good book by the pool or at the beach, these athletes chose to move into the dorms and dedicate their last week of summer to bettering themselves and strengthening their team.

As the sixty cross-country, field hockey, tennis and volleyball athletes moved into their rooms, the athletics staff was on Bryant Hall patio preparing for the Preseason Kickoff Barbecue.  While Mr. Will from the kitchen was manning the grill, the athletes gathered for a wonderful meal. Hamburgers and hotdogs were devoured and after eating, Mr. Sjolund inspired the athletes yet again with one of his wonderful and poignant comparisons of athletes to geese. Athletes then relaxed by the pool catching up with new and old friends.

Tuesday morning came with an early wake up call, breakfast, morning fitness, and a two and a half hour practice.  Lunch was a good time to cool off and refuel for an additional two and a half hour afternoon practice. With a hot summer behind us, temperatures cooperated.   Athletes pushed each other through drills, cheered each other on through fitness testing, and demanded the best of themselves and their teammates. 

The rest of the week followed a similar rigorous schedule.  The athletes persevered through endless practices and were rewarded with fun evening activities. One of the evening activities was the showing of the movie Forever Strong in the Academy auditorium, where athletes consumed large amounts of theater candy. Thursday evening brought them much needed relaxation at Westwood Swim Club for a pizza party and time to meet the new day students.  By day, the Salem Academy fall athletes could be found running, jumping, swinging and out-pacing their competition. By night, they were nursing blisters, stretching sore muscles, and hydrating in preparation for the next day.

Preseason WorkoutFriday brought the last day of practices, and a great sigh of relief from the fatigued athletes.  Following afternoon practice, Salem’s 8th annual preseason came to an end.  The athletes departed on Friday with an inspired sense of team unity and Salem pride.  Good Luck to all of the fall athletes in their upcoming season! Your hard work and devotion make Salem proud! 

Athletics News

2015 Fall Team Schedules(click to view)

2015 Fall Team Rosters (click to view)

*Please note that the athletic schedules are subject to change. Please refer to the individual team schedules for up to date information. These can be found on the page of each fall sport on the athletics website.

Upcoming Events:

Monday 8/31

Athletic Picnic- All students are required to attend this event. It will begin at 4:15 on the front lawn.

Tuesday 9/1

Varsity Volleyball at The Burlington School - 5:30

Varsity Tennis at Trinity School - 4:00

Wednesday 9/2

Varsity Field Hockey vs. Cary Christian- 4:30

JV Tennis vs. Summit - 4:00

Thursday 9/3 

Cross Country Meet at Lake Cammack - 4:30

Varsity Tennis vs. Burlington Christian School - 4:00

Friday 9/4

Varsity Volleyball at Salem Baptist - 5:30

JV Volleyball at Salem Baptist - 4:30

Monday 9/7

Team picture day for all fall sports

DADs Group

Dad group logoTo all fathers/male guardians of Salem students:

Salem Academy dads are invited to join an ongoing informal discussion about issues impacting our daughters.  Approximately every month a group of Academy dads will get together to compare notes and discuss the varying issues that come about when raising teenage daughters.  It’s always an informal conversation, and all fathers of Salem Academy students are welcome to attend!  For fathers who are unable to participate, notes from these conversations will be made available. The DADs point-of-contact is Paul Allen, the Academy Physics and Environmental Science teacher and father of a sophomore this year: paul.allen@salem.edu.

The first meeting of fathers/male guardians of Salem students interested in participating in Discussions Around Daughters (DADs) is set for Monday, September 7 at 7:15am in the Academy Dining Room. We’ll have breakfast together, get acquainted and consider the way ahead for this group for the coming months. Fathers, this is for YOU - let the discussions begin! Please indicate your intention to participate by Thursday, September 3rd. To respond or ask questions, contact Paul Allen at paul.allen@salem.edu.

Salem Smiles

Amazon Smile BannerIt is that time of year to purchase school supplies, dorm essentials and more. Now you can raise money for Salem Academy just by shopping at AmazonSmile! AmazonSmile is the exact same as the Amazon we all know, except you support the Academy while you shop. For every eligible purchase, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase total to the Academy. It is as simple as that! Get started by going to Amazon Smile and selecting Salem Academy today!  

Visit AmazonSmile and Support Salem Academy

Here is what you need to do:

  • Visit smile.amazon.com and log in to your Amazon account.
  • The first time you visit, you will be prompted to select a charitable cause. Search for and choose Salem Academy and College.
  •  Make your purchase and AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Salem!

Remember, always start at smile.amazon.com. AmazonSmile will save Salem as your cause to support for all your future purchases.

If you have any questions, please visit smile.amazon.com or email Shelley Hindmon A’07, Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, at shelley.hindmon@salem.edu.

Thank you for your support of Salem Academy and College!

Link Your Harris Teeter VIC Card and Support Salem


Harris Teeter - Your Neighborhood Food MarketBeginning August 1, Salem Academy proudly continued in Harris Teeter’s Together In Education program to help raise funds for our school.  It’s easy and it’s FREE. Simply give the cashier our code, 5509, and your VIC card when you check out and your card will be linked for the entire school year. That’s it! You only have to link your VIC card once each school year. Once your card is linked, Salem Academy will receive a percentage of your Harris Teeter brand (Harris Teeter, Premier Selection, H.T. Traders, Harris Teeter Naturals, Your Pet, Hunter Farms, Highland Crest and More Value) purchases credited back to our account. This program does not interfere with your VIC savings or cost you any money!

Together in Education - Harris TeeterFor those of you who participated last year, don’t forget to re-link your VIC card to our account code next time you are shopping at Harris Teeter! 

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