Thursday, January 17, 2013

Salem Academy Implements New School Closing Notification System

Beginning immediately, Salem Academy will no longer register school delays and closings with local television and radio. Messages will be delivered through the telephone and cell phone notification system. Students and parents should register their home or cell phone number in order to receive important information about closings and delays. Click on the links provided below to register your number. Student numbers should be entered under the student link and parent numbers under the parent link.

STUDENT Cell Registration:CLICK HERE

PARENT Telephone Registration:CLICK HERE

In addition to sending a voice message and/or text, an email will be sent to the Academy email list serve and a message will be placed on the Tag Room telephone greeting 336-721-2775. We will make every effort to make a decision and distribute a voice and/or text message by 6:30 am. You are responsible for checking these various sources to receive information about a change in schedule.

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