Student Activities

“There’s so Much to Do!”

Student Activities - Students with shovels wearing reflective vests

There’s so much to do for fun. We can walk to downtown Winston-Salem, or take the shuttle to go shopping; we hang out on campus watch movies in the rec room. My favorites are when we play music and hang out in our rooms.”

Brier , A’20

True. In fact, the hard part is choosing from all the options! In addition to arts and athletics, you can:

  1. Develop leadership skills through Student Clubs and Organizations.
    Academe literary magazine
    Athletic Council
    Black Student Union
    Debate Club
    Diversity Club
    Drama Llamas
    Ecology Club
    Fellowship Council
    Garden Club
    Girl Up
    Grass Roots newspaper
    Key Club
    Model UN
    Mu Alpha Theta Honors Society
    Music Club
    National Honor Society
    National Latin Honor Society
    National Spanish Honor Society
    QSA (Queer Straight Alliance)
    Quill Pen Yearbook 
    Senior Prefects
    Spanish Club
    Student Ambassadors
    Student Government Association
    Young Democrats
    Young Republicans
  2. Venture off campus into Winston-Salem & beyond for

    Organized outings — shopping, dances, day trips, camping, and more

    Arts & culture — theater, live music, films, dance, and more

    Athletic events — at day students’ former schools, Wake Forest University, minor league baseball, and more

    Lunch, dinner or coffee with friends

  3. “Sometimes, we just hang out”

    Down time is essential! Here’s what Academy students do to relax & have fun:

“We have great water gun wars!”
“Late-night talks in each other’s rooms”
“Movies in the Rec Room”
“Going to the Salem College café”
“Canoeing at Salem Lake”
“Last minute dance parties”
“Getting coffee in Winston-Salem”
“Hanes Mall trips”
“Playing board games”
“Studying together – it’s so helpful and even fun at times”
“Going to my friend’s tennis matches”
“Jamming together on our ukulele & guitar”
“Thrift shopping”
“Walking in Old Salem & going to the Moravian Bakery”

Pictured above, students enjoyed attending the Wake Forest Homecoming football game!