Counseling Services

Mary Margaret Johnson is the School Counselor at Salem Academy. Ms. Johnson holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a concentration in Individuals & Families. She is also an LCSWA. Ms. Johnson is passionate about giving students the social/emotional tools they need to live healthy lives both during and beyond their years at Salem Academy.

Counseling Services

Ms. Johnson provides individual counseling, weekly group counseling, monthly counseling programs, and teaches courses in Salem Academy’s school-wide wellness program, THRIVE. THRIVE provides grade level classes and programming for students as they take their journey at Salem Academy, and equips students to thrive socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually in and out of the classroom.


Information that is shared between a student and the counselor is confidential. This means that, except in specific circumstances, what a student shares with the counselor will not be shared with anyone else. Exceptions are made if a student asks the counselor to tell someone, if the counselor believes the student is in danger or is a danger to herself or others, or if a judge orders the counselor to disclose information to others.

Information for Parents

Ms. Johnson is glad to speak with parents regarding the wellbeing of their children, with the understanding that she will not be able to share details of what students have disclosed in a counseling session unless a student gives her permission to do so. Parents may refer their daughters to Ms. Johnson and/or ask Ms. Johnson for assistance in finding community mental health resources such as a therapist.

If you are concerned about your daughter and would like to refer her to the school counselor, you may reach Ms. Johnson at or (336) 917-5518.

Release forms are available upon request if parents would like any information to be exchanged between Ms. Johnson and another mental health practitioner or specialist.