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Alumnae Board

Salem Academy Alumnae Board

Salem Academy Alumnae Board
Left to right: Emily Greer Johnston A’76, Vonda Kimble Delawie A’75, Alyson Dudley Meyer A’91, Caroline Weston Stopyra A’84, Helen Farmer A’75, Elizabeth Farish Goliber A’95, Julia Cardwell Archer A’84, Ina Blackmore Kamenz A’73, Shelley Hindmon A’07, Martha Johnston Manning A’73, and Nancy Edmondson Matthews A’78.  Not present: Darcel Walker A’04, Andrea Foshee Passafiume A’88,


The President-Elect is a full voting member of the Alumnae Board with focus on familiarizing herself with the functioning of the Board, the role of the President, and the responsibilities of each Board member so as to prepare herself for the presidency.  The President-Elect attends one Trustee meeting during her term to familiarize herself with their mode and function.  In the absence or at the request of the President, the President-Elect performs the duties of the President.  The President-Elect serves a one-year term on the Board of Visitors of Salem Academy and College.  The position is a one-year commitment followed by a three-year term as President.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall write the minutes of all Association, Executive Committee and board of Directors meetings and shall file copies of these with the Director of Alumnae Relations. She shall serve as parliamentarian at all Association, Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings and shall have charge of any revision of the Constitution and By-Laws.

Director of Area Clubs

The Director of Area Clubs works closely with the Alumnae Director to ensure the establishment and purposeful existence of area clubs.  It is important that she be active in her local alumnae club, identify other Academy leadership in her city, and continually strive to raise awareness of the Academy in her area.  She will contact all alumnae club leaders at the beginning of the year to introduce herself and to encourage these clubs to seek Academy involvement in their cities.  The position is a three-year commitment.

 Co-Director of Alumnae Weekend

The Directors of Alumnae Weekend work closely with the Alumnae Director to plan and execute the annual alumnae weekend and enhance the overall alumnae experience at Salem during this weekend.  They are responsible for helping secure alumnae volunteers for the various functions associated with the successful execution of the weekend.  The position is a three-year commitment.

Director of Alumnae Awards

The Director of Alumnae Awards establishes and chairs the Alumnae Awards Committee.  The committee is responsible, with the help of the Alumnae Director, for identifying appropriate recipients to receive the Distinguished Alumna Award, the Alumnae Service Award, and the Young Alumna Award offered during Reunion Weekend.  She works closely with the Director of Nominating sharing relevant research/information on candidates. This knowledge is leveraged through her service on the Nominating Committee.  The position is a three-year commitment.