Why Salem Academy

Because Here, It’s All About YOU

Why Salem Academy - students caught mid-jump wearing pink shirts

100% by & for girls

“I love the fact that Salem is all girls. It made me feel comfortable right away. The community here is different; the girls really care about themselves and their futures. We all want to be the best at whatever we choose to do.”

Piper Angel A’22

You’ll Have Every Advantage

Facts don’t lie. All-girls schools set their students up for personal and professional success. See the difference!

You’ll Grow Strong & Confident

Studies show graduates of all-girls high schools

  • Have higher self confidence
  • Do better academically
  • Are 6x more likely to major in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Are better prepared to work and live in today’s diverse society
  • Have higher aspirations & more civic engagement

“Not having boys in the classroom makes it easier. One thing I like: we have a dress code, but it’s about professionalism. In my other school it was about not distracting the boys.”

Emma Grimstead A’22  

Did You Know?

Less than 1% of girls in the U.S. attend a girls’ school, yet 20% of women in Congress did!

You’ll Discover the Power of Being You

When you graduate from Salem, you’ll be college-ready, life-ready, & world-ready!

At Salem I learned to accept myself for being who I am, to embrace my individuality. Before, I felt like I had to follow a mold. Salem taught me to lead with my own mind and to set my own expectations for myself.”

Anna Rucker A’07,
Business owner: The Sunglass Shop, Ocracoke, NC

The Real Question Is: Why wouldn’t you go to Salem?