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Visit Salem Academy - students at event in Bryant Hall

The visit is everything. You’ll know if Salem is right for you when you see it for yourself.

"I was looking for a school where I could prep for college, make really close friends, and have a great overall experience. When I visited, I saw the Academy in action and I knew that it was the school for me."

Faith Harcus A’20

Visit our beautiful & historic campus! You can

“At first, I wasn’t interested in an all-girls boarding school, but as soon as I toured Salem, I wanted to go! It was the community that changed my mind. I did an overnight visit and it just felt like home. I was able to see the school in action and see how everyone treats each other. It was a breath of fresh air. I saw it during my visit and it’s proven true.” — Ava Heinen A’20

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