Religion Courses

Students take these courses during either eleventh or twelfth grade.  Both of these .25 credit courses must be completed in the same academic year.

Biblical Narratives

Grades 11, 12           One semester course

The Bible has been perhaps the most influential book within the scope of Western history.  It originated from a variety of cultures and time periods, and consists of various authors, genres, and writing styles. This course is a broad survey of how the Biblical Narrative came to be in its present form, the key figures in the Narrative, the developmental story of the Jewish and Christian faith communities, and the diverse forms of literature found in the Bible. The class will also explore how the Biblical Narrative has influenced Western society, culture, literature and art.

World Religions 

Grades 11, 12           One semester course

A citizen of today’s world is truly a global citizen and is impacted by numerous and diverse cultures and religions. This course provides a broad survey of the major world religions, as well as the different forms of faith and practice that have evolved within each one.  The class will explore the concept of the religious impulse and how it has been impacted by different cultures and geographical locations. Sacred writings, important figures, and religious practices will be explored. The exploration of each religion will focus on the possibility of interfaith dialogue in a religiously rich and diverse context.