College Prep on a College campus

2 Ways to Earn College Credit

Plus 2 Program - Student presenting to an audience

Opportunities Abound

In your junior and senior years you can:

  1. Enroll in any introductory level courses at Salem College, provided you meet the course prerequisites.  You can choose from any of College’s distinctive academic programs
  2. Take a dual-enrollment course in English literature, Women's Studies, and/or Calculus II. These Salem College courses are taught by Salem Academy faculty, alongside your peers.

Plus, there are no additional tuition costs! These college course opportunities are a benefit of the distinctive relationship between Salem Academy and Salem College.

You Set the Limit

In 2019, one Academy student graduated with 36 college credits! She obviously maximized all opportunities: AP, Dual Enrollment, and Salem College courses. Just another Salem Saber on the rise!

  • 80% The number of eligible Academy students taking a college course (2020-21)