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Honor Code

Salem Academy is distinguished by a high level of academic achievement. As a community, it is characterized by a pervasive atmosphere of trust. Girls feel comfortable at Salem.

They know that in expressing themselves with confidence and openness their ideas may be challenged, but they themselves will be accepted. They know there is always someone—often many people—they can seek out to discuss problems or issues in their lives. And they come to understand that they can leave their personal belongings anywhere, at any time, and find them there when they return.

The Honor Code is the foundation for our life together, but that promise of honesty and integrity is only the written expression of what we manifest throughout our days here. We respect each other, we listen to each other, we enjoy each other. And we feel privileged to live in a community that brings out the best in each of us:

  1. I will accept responsibility for my actions and accept their consequences while at Salem Academy and in the community. This means that I will obey both the rules of the school and the laws of the land.
  2. I will not lie or deliberately make a false statement with intent to deceive. 
  3. I will not cheat. Cheating is the giving or receiving of information that leads to an unfair advantage over others.
  4. I will respect the property of others. I will not take another’s property without her permission. I will not steal, damage, or destroy property that does not belong to me. 
  5. Salem Academy students have the privilege of self government. I must support and manage that system. Should a violation of Salem rules occur, it is my responsibility to uphold the system by either confronting the violator or by reporting the violator to the appropriate person through any of various means designated by the Academy.
  6. I will be honest and considerate in all my actions. 

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